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This is one of my favorite drawings. It was one of those drawings where I just started with no idea in mind and it just seemed to flow.

Done in 2015, with an Ohto Graphic Liner-Pilot Drawing Pen in a Rhodia Landscape Blank Webnotebook.

Me at 3:00 AM

Yup, that’s me at 300 AM.

While poking around through my older art, I came across this self-portrait that I did back in 2013.

I had been creating an art journal based on prompts from Pam Carriker’s ”Creating Art at the Speed of Life’ and was experiencing insomnia at the time. One of the prompts was self-portrait, and so, one dark and gloomy morning, half-dead from lack of sleep, I grabbed a hand mirror and drew this one.

Pencil and pen on Strathmore’s Aquarius II watercolor paper.

Before the Grandstand

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You can tell that I liked the Masters swaps. I think I did all that I could find that year. The challenge this time was to do ATCs based off the work of Degas. The art above:

Before the Grandstand – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on Illustration board.

Horses in a Meadow – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on Illustration board.

The Laundress- Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on Illustration board.

Woman Ironing – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on Illustration board.

Things in the Sky

You can find Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #9 here.

This swap was fairly open in theme. There are many things in the sky. I chose to go with weather. That’s kind of in the sky.

The art above: Storm Passing – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Acrylic Pen on illustration board.

Above the Forest – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Pen on illustration board.

Aurora Borealis – Pitt Brush pen & Elmer’s White Pen on illustration board.

Lightning Strike – Pitt Brush Pen on scratchboard.

Man in the Moon – Pitt Brush Pen on scratchboard. Okay, so this one wasn’t weather, exactly, and I kind of hope I never actually see this in the sky. He’s kind of creepy!

ATCs – Caillebotte Style

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I seem to be in a perpetual state of catching up with my art lately, so for the new week or so, I’m going to share ATCs that I did for swaps back in 2009. You wouldn’t believe how many ATCs I cranked out that year. Or maybe you would, if you know me. I am nothing if not obsessive!

The Caillebotte swap was one in a series of ATCs where we were challenged to either copy the works of, or do our own work in the style of one of the masters. I had never hears of Caillebotte at that time, but I quite enjoyed doing these.

All of these were done with Pitt Brush Pens and Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on illustration board.

Artwork above:

A Man and His Dog Caillebotte style – For this one, I copied one of Caillebotte’s works, but I gave the man a long coat and weird glasses, ala The Matrix. I don’t remember why I did this, and possibly there was no reason, lol.

Chrysanthemums Garden – This was more or less a copy.

Sailboats in Argenteuil – more or less a copy. The purpose behind these Masters swaps (other than to make ATCs to trade) was to learn and I believe Caillebotte taught me quite a bit about color and composition, even though I was using different mediums.

The Canoes – I remember quite clearly, Hubby was watching a B movie horror show about a giant python and I really considered adding one to this. As you can see I didn’t, and I pat myself on the back for showing restraint, lol.

The Green Stallion & The Rainbow Lagoon

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This is a bleedthrumanade that I did in 2011. I created Rainbow Lagoon with Letraset Fineliner & Promarkers (alcohol markers) in a Paperblanks journal. Then I turned the page and used the color that had bled through to the back and created this Green Stallion.

Someone You Love

I’ve been sharing lots of my older artwork, and today I’m really going for old!

The Doodlewash prompt for today was ‘Someone You Love’. Given that my 37th wedding anniversary is coming up next week, this drawing that I did of my husband in our first year of marriage seemed appropriate.

I have to confess – he has never had a beard, a mustache or a dragon. He does have a sword and shield, but they are purely ornamental.

Playing with Shape Tape and Watercolor Techniques

This is a repost of artwork from 2014, that I did while playing with techniques ala Jeanette Carbonetti, who wrote the ‘Tao of Watercolor’.  It’s a very loose style, where you apply the paint and then follow where it leads.

In a seeming change of subject, Frog Tape just came out with a brand of tape, ‘Shape Tape’.  I was intrigued with the idea of using it for art journaling and crafting.  In a sudden moment of whimsy, I had the idea of using it to create a framed shape around a watercolor painting.

I had a rough idea of an urban scene–wondering if something could be done using the ‘Tao’ style with buildings.  I worked up some very runny colors–Gamboge, Quinacridone Rust and Phthalocyanine Green and let it drip, charging in some colors down the page.  Then I picked out shapes to be windows and doors and highlights and, of course, the fella with the umbrella.

I like it, even though the perspective is totally distorted.  I think the Shape Tape framing lets me get away with it–you sort of expect distorted.  The tape wasn’t totally sucessful–it did let some paint seep in, but again, funky.  You can get away with things when you get funky.

Possibly, I’ll try this again, now that I have an idea where I want to go.  Even though the idea is have very loose control and let the paint do what paint will do, you can guide things a bit, and I think I could take what I like from this and make it better.

Added from today in 2019: Although I didn’t think of it at the time, looking back at this artwork, my recent Rainy Day paintings (see my tutorial here) are very much influenced by what I learned from the ‘Tao of Watercolor’.  It’s one of the most influential books in letting the loose flow of watercolor guide you.

The Big Bang

I was ill this week and just as I started feeling better, my mother became ill. As a consequence, I’ve done very little artwork. I feel blessed, because I have this HUUUGE stockpile of older art, and new readers who haven’t seen it.

This is a piece that I did back in 2010. I don’t remember the paper I used, unfortunately, but I did a pretty extensive write-up with the pens and tangle patterns that I used.

Here’s the write-up:

I drew strings with a micron, and then drew Fescu. Then Galatea. Then Bubbles & Quatiny variations. I had a vague idea of turning my Bubbles into Nipa. Color suddenly seemed desirable for the bubbles, so I grabbed some tombows and ended up coloring the page. Little thought here–I know how my colors work together. You follow steps just like you would with a pattern. Blue, then pink, then shades of yellow, ending up with the lightest last. Then a darker blue in corners to make things pop.

So then sparkle took my fancy, and I grabbed up the gellyroll white and metallic gold. I started drawing the tangle Eke, and doing asterisks and stippling, then smearing it all. I even did some Cubine in the upper right corner and smeared it.

During this process of dotting and spotting and smearing, there was a big bang in my head (some people call this an idea, but to me it’s a lot more exciting than that, lol!)

I liked the way the color and texture were building up, and they seemed more interesting than the linework. The color and texture had to dominate. So I continued with my white and gold, going over most of the micron lines, sometimes dotting, sometimes covering, until the line mostly became pattern.

So there was impulse here, and decision. I mostly laid down color or pattern, and my finger smeared it into shading and texture. Other than thinking that I would use certain patterns, follow certain steps for adding color, and deciding to turn most of the lines into pattern–I don’t feel I thought that much. After I finished, I was totally relaxed and refreshed. I had absolutely no idea what my husband had been watching on the TV, and was surprised to find I had taken about an hour to do this.

Colorful Cats Swap from 2009

Artwork: House Cat-Colorful Cats Swap. Done in 2009.

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I’m sorry I haven’t been online much the last few days. I’ve been ill, and between coughing and shaky hands, I just haven’t done much artwork or surfing (what’s the new term for that these days?).

Way back before I got into watercolor, and before I got into Zentangle, I got into ATCs (I get into a lot of things, don’t I?). I thought I’d share the artwork, I did for an ATC swap. Don’t you love scanners? These cards are long gone, mailed away to who knows who, but I’ve still got the artwork on my computer. You CAN have your artwork and mail it off too!

Tiger Cat.

Scottish Fold

Barn Cat – I think I shared this one not too long ago.

This one was actually done for the Complimentary Cats swap, also in 2009 but I thought I’d go ahead and sneak him in.