Painting rain for Australia

Artwork-Daniel Smith Lunar blue, Undersea Green & Venetian Red on Hahnemühle William Turner Cold Press

I’d originally planned to do something more complex, but realized it would take some time. I may still do it, but for now I wanted to get something out so I did this quick abstract.

You can read about his challenge ‘Artists Can Make a Difference: Paint Rain for Australia’ at Angela Fehr’s website.

I did this painting on William Turner Cold Press (not to be confused with , Hahnemühle’s William Turner printer paper) one of my favoritist of watercolor papers because of the fantastic texture. You can find it at:

Gouache VS Acrylic Gouache Part 1

Artwork: Holbein Acryla Gouache Mixing Set of 5  on Hahnemühle Britannia watercolor paper.

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the store … queue music from Jaws!

Note that this painting was done on white paper, not black. I recently got a set of Acrylic Gouache and it includes a very rich dark black. So don’t have black paper? Make it black with acrylic gouache!

Acrylic gouache? AKA Acryl Gouache or Acryla Gouache. Yes. It is definitely different from Gouache or Designer’s Gouache.

It’s confusing, but important that you don’t confuse the two. The two mediums handle differently and cannot be mixed together from the tube. One can be painted over the other though, and finished paintings from either have similar qualities. Gouache is a form of watercolor paint, and Acrylic Gouache is acrylic paint. So, what does that mean?

If you have bought acrylics with a matte finish in the past, acrylic gouache is likely to be the same thing, just sold under a new name, because gouache is enjoying a comeback.

A list of the main differences:

GouacheAcrylic Gouache
What kind of paint?WatercolorAcrylic
Can it be rewet once dry?YesNo
Can you reuse paint dried on the palette?YesNo
Can you lift color off paper once dry?YesNo
Will colors mix if you paint wet over dry?PossiblyNo
Can you paint over it with watercolor once it is dry?YesYes
Can you paint over it with gouache once it is dry?YesYes
Can you mix it with watercolor fresh from the tube?YesNo  
Can the two kinds of gouache be mixed together fresh from the tube?NoNo    
What kind of surface does the dried paint haveMatte, velvety VS the translucence of most watercolorMatte, velvety VS the shiny, satin of most Acrylics

Why might you prefer one over the over? It’s the same issue as whether you prefer watercolor or acrylic.

What’s the main benefit of acrylic gouache over regular gouache? Because acrylic gouache has a matte surface, you can paint over it (once dry) with either watercolor or regular gouache. This means you can prep a background with acrylic gouache.

Page in a watercolor journal prepped with a background of acrylic gouache. Later, I’ll paint over it watercolor or regular gouache. Note that this is streaky because I used an incredibly cheap brush not because of the acrylic gouache.

That means you can prep a page with a wash of acrylic gouache, let it dry, and then paint over it with watercolor or regular gouache. You can prep ahead, and then paint over the color minutes later (as long as it has dried) or months later.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the results I got from painting over this background.

Landscape in Abstract Autumn

Artwork-Miya Arts watercolor in Stillman & Birn Delta Softcover

You may have noticed that even though I’ve been posting, I’ve been slow in answering comments and not as active in other social media. I was helping to take care of a relative who is ill, and then rejuvenated by going to a Celtic Music festival.

Most of what I’ve posted during this time was scheduled in advance and I’ve done very little artwork for last 3 weeks. This very quick abstract was the only complete painting I managed. The rest was quick sketching and I didn’t even do much of that. It’s the longest I’ve gone with out daily artwork in a long, long time.

I hope to get back to my routine now and I apologize to anyone who didn’t get a response to any comment.

Gouache Chinese Lantern

Artwork-Miya arts Gouache on Hahnemühle Cézanne Cold Press Paper. Photo reference from MabelAmber on Pixabay.

Ah! I’m getting a little better building up the values with gouache. One of the advantages of this medium is that you can paint light over dark – to some degree. I was testing with this painting, yellow and orange over blue to see how much the lighter colors would be affected.

It got a little muddy in places because the color beneath does reactivate and affect the color above. Now I know!

Gouache Tulips

Artwork-Miya arts Gouache on Hahnemühle Cézanne Cold Press Paper

I do alright with gouache on colored paper but I definitely need to work on building up my values on white paper! This piece still needs some work, but having run out of time for the day, I think I’ll start over with something new, and try it from a different tactic.

Gouache Squash

Miya Himi Gouache Paint Set, 18 Colors  on Saint Armand Canal Pad 6×6″ Jute color

Gouache is pronounced gwash.

So my question is, does everyone who paints with gouache eventually paint a squash, just because it rhymes?

I’ve been wanting to play around with my gouache paint and my new Saint Armand Canal Pad paper and my new Jack Richeson brushes that I bought just to use with the gouache. I even bought a squash – gourd – whatever it is – just to set up as a model.

Now it isn’t the best of ideas to try several new products all at once – but heck – I decided to go for it, while I had a few minutes.

The Saint Armand is an interesting paper. It’s rag cotton, made with fibers left from clothing industry offcuts, white tee-shirts, blue denim and flax straw from farmers. The rags natural colors are mixed together without bleaching or cooking – very eco-friendly! – but it does mean colors vary from batch to batch.

Although, it’s cotton, it’s a bit soft, doesn’t feel like watercolor paper. I thought gouache would be a good media for it, because it uses less water and doesn’t get as easily absorbed.

The brushes are ones that James Gurney recommends for gouache so they’ll be my gouache-only set.

I’ve only used the gouache a couple times before on black and a student grade watercolor paper. I think it handled as well on this paper as it did on the student grade. It did much better on the Black coldpress, but everything looks vibrant on that paper!

Between Inktober and some family projects, I probably won’t get to do much more with these products, but I hope I can sneak in one or two more paintings.

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