Moldy Cheese

Artwork: Zebra Zensation Brush Pen and Mildliners on a Hahnemühle YouTangle tile

It’s been a while since I just did a random doodle, so I colored up a tile with some mildliner pens and drew away with a flexible brush pen. Some cheese molds get pretty colorful, so I think this could pass.

Did you know that Penicillium roqueforti, the mold used to create blue-veined cheeses, is an anti-inflammatory believed to help with cardiovascular health, joint pain, and the skin?

And today’s doodle…

Doodlewash Prompt: Buttons

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Buttons, Buttons

Artwork: Zebra pen Mildliner brush pens and Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pen on a Hahnemühle Nostalgie Postcard.

I realized I didn’t have anything but my daily doodles for today and tomorrow, so I did some quick abstracts to post.

Ever wonder why buttons are on opposite sides for men and women? Most men dressed themselves, and most being right-handed, it was easier to have buttons on the right. Most women of wealth were dressed by someone else, and left-sided button were easier to see. As usual in this world, poor people seldom had buttons so no one cared how they dressed.

And today’s doodle…

Doodlewash Prompt: Playing Cards

Artwork: Zebra Zensations Double Ended Brush pen on Hahnemühle sketching paper.


To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, go here and scroll through to find one near you.

You can find Zebra pen products here.

Crinoid Limestone

Artwork: Zebra Pen ClickArt Retractable Marker Pen in a Hahnemühle Cappuccino sketchbook. Reference photo courtesy of glaciergary on Pixabay.

#Hahnemühle_USA #ZebraPen_USA #ZebraAmbassador

Doodlewash prompt: Limes. I’m being tricky again and drew a picture of limestone with crinoid (sea lilies, starfish, urchins, etc) fossils instead of limes.

Did you know that the Colosseum, the Sphinx, and many of the pyramids were built with limestone?

Something Green on Lilac

Artwork done with Zebra Pen’s cool new ClickArt Retractable Marker Pen & Kirarich Glitter Highlighters in a Hahnemühle Lilac 1584 sketchbook#Hahnemühle_USA #ZebraPen_USA #ZebraAmbassador

Doodlewash prompt: Something Green

Doodle Waiting

Artwork: Zebra Pen Mildliner brush pens on Hahnemühle YouTangle Tiles

Are you looking for:

I’ve had to do a lot of waiting the last couple of weeks, for various reasons. Zebra Pens US sent me a boatload of new pens – Sarasa clip pens and Mildliners. I grabbed some of the mildliners (check out the weekly giveaway!) and stuffed them in my purse (which weighs a ton! ouch!) along with some Hahnemühle YouTangle tiles.

And instead of just waiting, I doodle waited!

Mostly I was trying out the pens and checking out the new colors, but I also kept the Doodlewash prompts for the month in mind. Abstract. It’s a wonderful word that means ‘this almost looks like something’, lol.

Doodlewash prompt: Tomatoes. I started trees before I thought of tomatoes and hadn’t pulled out any reds. Ah well, tamrillos are kind of purplish and they’re called tree tomatoes.

Doodlewash prompt: Sand. At first, I just thought about doing dots in all the different colors, but I didn’t think I’d have time. Then I had the idea of confetti blowing around in a sandstorm and combined the two.

Doodlewash prompt: Under Water. So this one has under water and over water. Close enough.

Doodlewash prompt: Wildflowers. Okay, this one is really a stretch, lol. It looks more like a piñata , but a piñata made of wild flowers. Right? Right?

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