Making No Bones About It

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Bones. #Inktober2021 prompt: Extinct. I stink – close enough for me! Did you know the saying ‘make no bones about it’ comes from 15th century England, meaning something is stated simply so there is no mistake about it? It references the fact that if there are no bones in your soup, it is easyContinue reading “Making No Bones About It”

Stuffed Animals on the Shelf

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Stuffed Animal. #Inktober2021 prompt: Fuzzy. Did you know the first stuffed animal was a pincushion elephant, created by Margarete Stieff? Paper: Hahnemühle Cappuccino Book Zebra Technical Pen ZenArt Watercolor Set October Doodlewash Prompts Inktober 2021 prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, go here.Continue reading “Stuffed Animals on the Shelf”

Where the Bugs Are

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Bug. #Inktober2021 prompt: Tick. Did you know that the name for an extreme fear of insects is called entomophobia? Paper: Hahnemühle Cappuccino Book Zebra Sarasa Grand Gel pen & Sarasa Retractable Clip Gel Pen October Doodlewash Prompts Inktober 2021 prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S.Continue reading “Where the Bugs Are”

Candy Jar With a Sour Expression

#DoodlewashOctober2021: Candy. #Inktober2021 prompt: Sour. Did you know that candy corn was introduced to the world by the Goelitz Confectionery around the turn of the 20th century? That company is now called Jelly Belly Candy Co., Paper: Hahnemühle Lilac 1584 Dot Grid sketchbook Pens-Zebra Sarasa Grand Gel pen, Sarasa Retractable Clip Gel Pen, Sarasa Fineliner &Continue reading “Candy Jar With a Sour Expression”

Bubbles the Hel Kitty from Beyond the Veil

#DoodlewashAugust2021 Prompt: Bubbles. #DoodlewashSeptember2021 Prompts: Kitty & Puppy. Four years ago, I did a weird little drawing that I called Creature from Beyond the Veil. Facebook brought it up as a memory. I always thought the crittur looked a lot like a rather friendly Hel Hound, and so I decided to do a Hel Kitty,Continue reading “Bubbles the Hel Kitty from Beyond the Veil”

Crathes Castle Topiary

#DoodlewashAugust2021 prompt: Castle. Did you know that topiary can be traced back to Julius Cesar, who made it all the rage? Of course, the Greeks, Chinese and Japanese were creating similar things before that under different names. I decided it had been a while since I did something entirely with pen and marker, and thisContinue reading “Crathes Castle Topiary”

A Lion, the King of Cats and a Dire Wolf …

Have you sent for a Hahnemühle Freebie sample of The Collection Watercolor paper yet? Find how here. Doodlewash prompt: Novel When I looked at these two pages in my gouache/GelliArts ZigZag book, I immediately saw some figures. Instead of painting with more gouache, this time I squirkled with gel pens to bring out the shapes.Continue reading “A Lion, the King of Cats and a Dire Wolf …”

The Merciless Pirate

Artwork: Zebra Pen Sarasa Retractable Clip Gel Pens on Hahnemühle cold press Watercolor postcard. Doodlewash prompt: Pirate Another one of the creatures that creep through the Autumn nights, the pirate is feared for his fierce attitude and merciless ways!

Taking a Day Off From the Internet

Artwork: Zebra Zensations Technical pen & Zebra Pen Sarasa Clip Gel Retractable Pen on Hahnemuhle Nostalgie Postcard Back in October, I did a pen and ink drawing for the Inktober challenge and I decided some of them needed to be colored in. I kind of wish I hadn’t with this one. Anyhoo, I’m taking tomorrowContinue reading “Taking a Day Off From the Internet”

Tutorial – How to Draw a Zebra on Black Paper

Pencil to Paint Tutorial Artwork-Uniball Signo White Broad pen and Zebra Pen Sarasa Metallic Clip Pens in Hahnemühle black book I don’t have any black-paper postcards, but I’ve been cutting some out of my Hahnemühle Black Book. I hate to do that, but drawing on black is so quick and I love the paper soContinue reading “Tutorial – How to Draw a Zebra on Black Paper”