REVIEW: ‘Tangle All Around the World’ by Alice Hendon

Last year, Alice Hendon invited the members of her ‘Tangle All Around’ Facebook group to submit tangle patterns for a book. Fifty contributors and 453 patterns later, Alice has published one of the largest collections of tangle pattern step-by-steps in the world.

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REVIEW: Miya Arts Solid Watercolor Palette

It’s cute! It’s practical! It’s under $20! This set includes 18 solid pan watercolors, a carrying case, a waterbrush and six sheets of bookmark sized paper. If you’ve been looking for a set to use on the go, for your sketchbooks, journals and coloring or just for practice …

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REVIEW – Hahnemühle Postcards

Postcards are a fantastic size for quick, relaxing artwork, and friend and family are thrilled to receive them. I paint or draw something on a postcard five days a week – to slip into my husband’s lunchbag each day.

I use postcards from Hahnemühle, so if you’ve followed my work for any length of time, you’ve seen them. Two new versions have been released so now I have four kinds to choose from – Nostalgie, Burgund, Cold-Pressed and Rough.

Why do I like these postcards, what’s the difference, and which ones do I choose each day for what reason?

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Tutorial – How to Draw a Fennec Fox Using Zebra Pens

Today, my tutorial showing how to draw a Fennec Fox on black paper, using Zebra Pens metallic brush pens and an assortment of Sarasa Retractable Clip Pens.

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Princeton Travel Brushes Review

As part of the World Watercolor Month, Princeton Artist Co. sent me their two new travel sets – one Neptune set and one Elite set. Each has four rounds and a cool brush holder.

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Tomorrow, I have a tutorial coming out on the Zebra Pen blog. Be sure to check it out and learn how to draw a Fennec Fox!

World Watercolor Month is almost over! But it isn’t too late to join in with a painting or two, enter some of the giveaways and shop for cool World Watercolor Month merchandise that will no longer be available after July 31.

Aqua Elite Review

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As part of the World Watercolor Month, Princeton Artist Co. sent me five of their Aqua Elite series of brushes. I received some cool specialty shapes – a dagger, a rigger, a mottler and two oval washes.

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The Green in a Grolier: a mini-Review

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No one makes more beautiful sketchbooks than Paperblanks. The book I’m reviewing here is actually the Guest book version of their Grolier Ornamentali.

But it is the blank page version, the paper is smooth, high-quality and did I mention, the book is … just … gorgeous?

It’s so gorgeous, that I wanted to bring it to your attention, but I don’t plan to do my usual ‘destruction’ testing. As a guest book, the paper is formulated for people to write in with pen. I only intend to use it for pen and colored pencil. I don’t want to do anything to remove from the beauty of the book itself.

So, what is so beautiful about this book? Well, you’ve already seen the gorgeous Grolier Ornamentali cover, which the Paperblanks blurb describes as “marbled binding, enhanced with a thin sprinkling of gold dust and tooling “.

It also has Smythe-sewn binding, and a ridged spine.

But what I’ve been drooling over most is the book-edge printing!

I’ll admit, I’m only so-so about the clasp. It’s nicely made, but can get in the way when you’re drawing.


Series: Grolier Ornamentali
Hardcover: 144 pages
Paper wgt: 120 gsm
Smyth sewn
Satin ribbon marker (grandes have two)
Memento pouch
Custom-designed laid paper
100% recycled binder boards
FSC-certified text paper
Cloth headboards
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Acid-free sustainable forest paper
Decorative printed cover paper

The Grolier Ornamentali is also available in Grande, Ultra, Midi and Mini size Journals.

So what about the paper?

The paper is thin, but sturdy with a surface that pulls the ink off your pen very nicely.

There is enough tooth to make it work well for colored pencil, though I don’t think it would hold up to a great number of layers or heavy burnishing.

Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to work in!

The Ornamentali was based off of a Jean Grolier design.