Review – WatercolorSnacks Subscription from ArtSnacks

WatercolorSnacks is a quarterly subscription service from ArtSnacks. Each quarter you get a box chock full of Art Supplies — 4 to 5 full size items or sets. They’re often limited edition or exclusive. The subscription includes an invitation to the online community, MIX and 2-3 instructional, interactive livestream sessions led by artist and illustrator,Continue reading “Review – WatercolorSnacks Subscription from ArtSnacks”

Review – MaimeriBlu Tube and Pan Watercolors

A full line of single pigment watercolors. Many pigments that are hard to find in other brands. Professional grade watercolor … Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Tutorial – How to Paint an Aurora Borealis in Watercolor

Learn how to paint an Aurora Borealis that almost paints itself. Interested? Check out my tutorial at Doodlewash!

Review-Paul Rubens Round Cold-Pressed Watercolor Block

Rectangular and square. Square and rectangular. Those are pretty much the usual choices when it comes to watercolor paper. But, sometimes, you want to shake things up, inspire the muse, or just get out of your comfort zone. Paul Rubens Round Watercolor Block is a 7.48 inch (19 cm) diameter round shape, that’s a good sizeContinue reading “Review-Paul Rubens Round Cold-Pressed Watercolor Block”

Review-Handmade Multi Media Journal from PaintPalettesPages

Recently, I was gifted with a handmade multi media journal from Mary Roff.  Each one of her journals is unique, so no one else has one exactly like yours!  Mine has 15 different papers and 42 sheets/84 pages. The  Kraft-Tex cover is hand-painted with whimsical flowers. It’s a pleasure to look at and feels fabulousContinue reading “Review-Handmade Multi Media Journal from PaintPalettesPages”

Review-Watercolour Selection Sampler Pad from Hahnemühle

Cold press, hot press, rough, GSM, LB, 100% cotton, cellulose, natural fibers, surface sized — what do these words mean? The descriptions don’t really give you a feel for the way they’ll affect your painting. Hahnemühle’s Watercolour Selection Pad is a sampler that includes 14 sheets of their high-quality watercolor papers.  The sheets come inContinue reading “Review-Watercolour Selection Sampler Pad from Hahnemühle”

Review: Paul Rubens Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper

Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper – what’s that? Well, you know how glittery paint gets all over your brush, and your painting area and your hands and … you know what I mean. What if the glitter were part of the paper instead of part of the paint? Now, it is. Paul Rubens has created aContinue reading “Review: Paul Rubens Glitter Sparkling Watercolor Paper”

Review: Hahnemühle’s 100% Cotton Watercolour Book

I was excited when I learned about Hahnemühle’s 100% Cotton Watercolour Book. I’ve been using their cellulose/cotton blend sketchbook for years, and love it, but there are certain things you can only do with 100% cotton paper. I was expecting great things from this new book. Hahnemühle didn’t let me down. Interested? Learn more inContinue reading “Review: Hahnemühle’s 100% Cotton Watercolour Book”

Review: Arteza Gouache Paint and Tool Set

Paints and brushes and paper, oh my!  The Arteza Gouache Paint set is a handy collection of the art tools you need to start painting with gouache.  It’s also a handy organization tool for those who already do. So what’s in this set.? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Review: Precipitated Colors Watercolor Paint Set

Precipitated? I’m not positive what that means either. But Paul Rubens Precipitated Watercolor Paints come in a six-tube set of colors that granulate, with rich layers of color reminiscent of the Old Masters. This set got me out of an artistic slump and back to painting. Would they do that for you? It’s possible. LearnContinue reading “Review: Precipitated Colors Watercolor Paint Set”