Xpetal: non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern

XpetalOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Fractal Geometry–math and image combine to crystalize patterns in rare and elegant designs. Each image twisting itself into spirals of mathmatically perfect repetition, over and over. You don’t need to be mathmatically perfect, or even understand the math, to use fractal designs in your zentangles. Just repeat an imageContinue reading “Xpetal: non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern”

Leopard or Jaguar: non-official Zentangle/ZIA Pattern

Tangle Pattern -Leopard or JaguarOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Big cats are the embodiment of grace and power. They glide through the jungle, their coats rippling over muscle. The spot pattern of the leopard or jaguar makes a simple, but striking tangle that provides movement and power to a zentangle or Zentangle Inspired ArtContinue reading “Leopard or Jaguar: non-official Zentangle/ZIA Pattern”

Jay-non-official Zentangle/ZIA Pattern

Tangle Pattern -JayOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Bird’s feathers are beautiful things. They flow, they’re frothy and full of hypnotic detail. You could zentangle forever using nothing but bird feathers as inspiration. The striped pattern can be used alone, without the feather shape, but the feathers are a nice embellishment for nooks and corners, orContinue reading “Jay-non-official Zentangle/ZIA Pattern”