Buzzy Multimedia blog–win a kindle, 2 t-shirts or books

 I’m mostly keeping to zentangle/zendoodle related items on my blog, but I thought this was great enough news that I wanted to share it. If you like to read, and/or like to listen to books on disc, Buzzy Multimedia has a contest going to win a Kindle book.  I already have one, but wouldn’t mindContinue reading “Buzzy Multimedia blog–win a kindle, 2 t-shirts or books”

Beez in the Belfrey gives information about Suzanne McNeil’s book

I have ordered Suzanne McNeil’s two zentangle books and will tell you about them once they arrive. Meanwhile, Sandy Bartholomew has posted about them, and gives a brief explanation of what is in Suzanne’s books, and assurance that she is working hard on her own. (I’m the person who sent her 10 tiles, lol!  IContinue reading “Beez in the Belfrey gives information about Suzanne McNeil’s book”

Zentangles by Anne Wilson1

Ink Background 23 Available for tradeOriginally uploaded by Anne Wilson1 Anne’s used some of my patterns in her zentangles, and I love what she’s done with them. Her ink backgrounds are a moody shade of green & blue that give a noir effect to the patterns she’s chosen. She’s used some other great patterns asContinue reading “Zentangles by Anne Wilson1”

Strircles-Latest official tangle pattern from

The Feb. 8 newsletter is out from I’ve been posting tangle ‘families’–tangles that build off one another, or rely on a similar look.  This month’s official pattern is something similar.  It is an enhancement that can be used with almost any pattern, to make it richer and more intricate.  Molly Hollibaugh, the creator ofContinue reading “Strircles-Latest official tangle pattern from”

My Tangle Patterns: Doguette #4 and Eggit

This week I thought I’d combine another Doguette pattern with a pattern for the agate-like tangle surrounding my doguettes.  Eggit can be use around any shape. It’s a little difficult to show Eggit, because no two agates are alike in the real world.  They won’t be alike in your tangles, either.  The shape at theContinue reading “My Tangle Patterns: Doguette #4 and Eggit”