I’m back, and two tangles were posted while I was gone!

If you haven’t already discovered it, while I was offline,  Sandy Bartholomew posted up a storm!  She posted the directions for her tangle pattern, Flutter Tile,  revealed that she is selling Zentangled sneakers at her Etsy store,  and last but not least, she WAS taking pre-orders for her new Totally Tangled zentangle book.  They areContinue reading “I’m back, and two tangles were posted while I was gone!”

My tangle patterns: Hedebo (and little more about shading)

Recently, I was viewing Fatquarter’s blog, and enjoying her beautiful stitching.  You know me, I see, and then there’s a tangle, lol! Check  out her blog, and the stitches that inspired this pattern. Note how I used Contour to shade in two different ways. In the first, I just added depth to the entire row. Continue reading “My tangle patterns: Hedebo (and little more about shading)”

Art from Shelly Beauch and Rose Twofeather

I’ve been carefully writing down each time I ask someone if I can blog their art, but don’t you know–when I went to get it this morning, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I remembered the last few I asked about, but I know there were more.  If I’ve asked but haven’t posted your work, pleaseContinue reading “Art from Shelly Beauch and Rose Twofeather”