My tangle pattern: Roundabear-a tangle of the crittur doodle kind

I do love surfing through the art of my friends and chatting, but it does suck up the time. So I’ve been tryiing to limit my online time a little, and as a result I’ve been woefully remiss in featuring other artists lately. Which is terrible.  But I’ve been getting my drawing done, which is theContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Roundabear-a tangle of the crittur doodle kind”

My tangle pattern: Triquetra

First off, Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate, and Yay! for me.  I’ve reached 100 followers.  One of those things in life that mean nothing–what’s the big difference between 100 and 99 or 101?  But it makes you feel so cool when you hit that number.  Thank you all for visiting my blog,Continue reading “My tangle pattern: Triquetra”

My tangle pattern: Bull’s-eye

It’s been a while since I posted a pattern specifically designed as a lesson in shading.  I was playing around with drawing the illusion of glass and realized this was perfect for the task.  For those of you who haven’t lost all their marbles but don’t want to shade–I’ve included a variation without it.  Enjoy!