My tangle pattern: Intersect

I tell ya, I get as excited as a little kid when I realize a truth about patterns.  The gaps of a complex pattern are the secret.  If you figure out the repetition that occurs around the gaps, you’ve got the pattern.  Take this interweaving of four triangles.  I spent forever trying to figure outContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Intersect”

My tangle pattern: Kalancho

I thought I had already posted this.  It’s the last of my cactus inspired patterns (for now, anyway!).  Once again nature shows her obsession with repetition.  I’ve done my example as being fairly true to life, but you can go crazy with this one, adding more swirls and flourishes than Snidely Whiplash’s mustache, or forgettingContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Kalancho”

Raffle for Saturday, June 12-closed

The winner of ‘The Bridge to the Bubble Forest’ is Hopewilbanks. Thank all of you for joining! I haven’t done one of these for a while. Inspiration failed me this evening, and I couldn’t think of a name for this 8×10 zentangle that I finished. Share some of your inspiration and tell me what youContinue reading “Raffle for Saturday, June 12-closed”

My Tangle Pattern: Otopo

Sometimes when I’m tangling, I’ll get this little itch that tells me there is a pattern that I’m just not seeing.  Sometimes it can take weeks before I figure out what it is that I’ve recognized but not seen.  I love that moment when after trying and trying to find it, the pattern suddenly leapsContinue reading “My Tangle Pattern: Otopo”

Featured Artist: Margaret Storer-Roche (aka Waterblossoms)

One more featured artist for the day!  Margart Storer-Roche is an accomplished artist who does lovely batik-like ATCs and journal pages as well as marvelous zentangles such as the one you see here.  She does a gemlike ‘Rauschi’ and exquisite ‘Lacy’.  I wish I could do them as well!

Featured artists: Kikken42, Rose Twofeather and Gabriel Productions

Here are another three artists, whose work I can’t get enough of!  I love what Kikken42 did with my ‘Lotzadotz’ and Rose Twofeather made creative use of Kristy’s Crown’, which is a variation of her own ‘Thistle’s Crown’.  And I received a lovely email from Gabriel Productions, where she sent me a copy of herContinue reading “Featured artists: Kikken42, Rose Twofeather and Gabriel Productions”