Redo of Aegis and Trifoil patterns

Based on feedback for Quaternary, it seems as though the steps were much easier to follow, so I decided I’d redo the other Celtic knots in a similar fashion.  I’m trying to emphasize building the knot from inside out.When I do it this way, it feels to me like a song.  A refrain, then theContinue reading “Redo of Aegis and Trifoil patterns”

My tangle pattern: Ersatz

Here’s a pattern I’ve had for dog’s ages and just never gotten around to posting.  It can be tedious, but I love to do it.  Tips:  Overlap each row of lines.  Vary how much you overlap. Vary the length, direction and curve of the strokes here and there. This will look better if you DON’T makeContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Ersatz”

My tangle pattern: Quaternary

Here’s the tangle Quaternary.  Not to be confused with Quatiny or Quatrinity, lol! Even I get low on names occasionally. I’ve done more steps than usual.  The pattern isn’t more difficult and doesn’t have more steps than usual.  I’m just breaking down the steps into smaller bits. Still trying to come up with the best methodContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Quaternary”

My tangle pattern: O-Neg & variations

How do you know when you’ve been watching too many vampire movies?  When you come up with pattern names like O-Neg, lol!  In art, a shape made from white space surrounded by darker is called negative space.  This pattern is an negative O shape.  More or less! With the exception of my pattern ‘O-Neg’ allContinue reading “My tangle pattern: O-Neg & variations”