My tangle pattern: Zopetto

I got the idea for Zopetto from an artichoke. The leaves seemed like little heart, which I thought would delight many of you. I thought about naming it something like Arti-hearty, but then I discovered the word Zopetto. It’s the word for some kind of Italian limping dance. No relation to what  my tangle is,Continue reading “My tangle pattern: Zopetto”

Zakuska’s not just for drawing. You can eat it too!

When I titled one of recent patterns ‘Zakuska’, I did know that it was the word for an hors d’œuvre, but I didn’t know much beyond that.   Imagine my delight when Ildiko, who lives in Romania, sent me a recipe!  It looks delicious!  I’d have to forego all but a little oil, but otherwise, thisContinue reading “Zakuska’s not just for drawing. You can eat it too!”

My tangle pattern: Beanstalk

You know, Jack’s beanstalk had to be a mighty fancy plant.  In all the fairytale books I’ve read, it’s always just shown as a big green thing–a giant version of the mundane plant, and I don’t buy it.  I think it had to be something flashy, yet elegant.  So here’s my version-the beanstalk in aContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Beanstalk”

My tangle pattern: K-Ning

At a friend’s house, I came across a chair upholstered with caning, and decided to turn the pattern into a tangle. I keep thinking I’ve got it–I know how to ‘look’ at patterns and see. And then I could slap myself silly when I discover how far I have yet to go. I slaved overContinue reading “My tangle pattern: K-Ning”

My tangle pattern: Gr8ful

I’m so grateful for 8’s.  They’ve rescued me from the blank page so many times.  They make gr8 strings and gr8 patterns too!  Gr8ful is a free-form pattern.  The first 3 steps are the base, and after that you go wild!  But w8!  That’s not all!  There’s more.  You can use stripes, you can useContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Gr8ful”

My tangle pattern: Birance

Today’s tangle looks like it should be easy.  But when you start on step 3, your eyes can be dazzled by all the lines, and you can lose track of which way to draw them.  Possible ways to avoid that are turning your tile, working in two different colors, or covering part of the finished areaContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Birance”

My tangle pattern: Uncherys

One of the things that I don’t like about the way most people are taught drawing, in the beginning, is the focus on line.  You have to get a way into learning before anyone mentions that negative space–the white stuff between the lines.  It can be as important, if not more so than the linesContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Uncherys”