The tangle patterns shown in Suzanne McNeil’s Masterclass video

Several of the CZT’s shared steps to their patterns in Suzanne McNeil’s Masterclass videos.  Not all of them were named but I’ve reached out and asked for names so they can be added to my Tangle list. The tangles shared and the artists: Catkin – Mimi LempartFuzzy Wuzzy – Patty EulerL – Linda Cobb (thank youContinue reading “The tangle patterns shown in Suzanne McNeil’s Masterclass video”

Spotlight on the tangle ‘Floo’

Revbyrd left a comment on one of my patterns asking for a simple example of the tangle pattern ‘Floo’.  She explained that she and a friend both had far different ideas of what ‘Floo’ is. My suspicion is that both she and her friend are both correct in their vision.  Floo is one of theContinue reading “Spotlight on the tangle ‘Floo’”

My tangle pattern: Jargoon

Certainly not an original idea, but I chose to draw it up for two reasons. It shows the power of repetition, and it’s a good exercise for drawing circles (lol!). Note in step two how I add the circles. They’re harder to control, both in shape and size, so do them first. Those little diamond/crossContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Jargoon”

My tangle pattern: Qadroon

Gadroon: Embossed decoration or fluting on silverware. I was playing around with one of the classic patterns (see cutout) and came up with this twist. …and it twists ’round and ’round! Just for grins, I also wanted to discuss the reason I use so many different layouts for my patterns.  There are pros and cons,Continue reading “My tangle pattern: Qadroon”

My tangle pattern: Galanty

I almost called this one ‘Shadow’, but then I found this word ‘Galanty’, which is a kind of Shadow play. What better name, because you should play around with these shadows. Any shape works. Try the shadows on top,on the bottom. Elongate them. Add a little space between shape and shadow. Then decide where theContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Galanty”

My tangle pattern: Zizyphus

Around 2 or 3 hundred thousand years ago, there’s this guy who finds a stick. “Huh” he thinks, and picks it up ’cause it might be good for something.  He’s dragging it in the dirt and he happens to look back, and sees the mark he’s made.  “Huh” he thinks (not a great thinker, thisContinue reading “My tangle pattern: Zizyphus”

My tangle pattern: Appearance

It’s a fruitful day.  Carole Ohl posted her pineapple pattern, and mine uses pears.  More or less.  Feel free to substitute other fruits or shapes. I think asymmetrical shapes are more interesting with this design,than symmetrical, such as circles, would be, but play with this and discover what your own preference is.