My tangle patterns:Wood-sere

Dead leaves dancing in the wind. Snowflakes glittering in the moonlight. Trees silhoutted against a frosty sky.  Winter is a time of magic.  Three is somewhat of a magic number in composition, the layout of an artistic piece, so I decided to use that to create a tree-like tangle.  Each tree has three branches.  Each branchContinue reading “My tangle patterns:Wood-sere”

Lacy: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern

Tangle Pattern-LacyOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas We’ve long sought to replicate the beautiful patterns of nature. Throughout the ages, lacemakers have decorated clothing and beautified tabletops and fancied up their furniture with fluffy, delicate, or elegant streams of lace. You can enhance your zentangles with a touch of LACY. This particular pattern makes meContinue reading “Lacy: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern”

Stubs: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA tangle pattern

Stubs (was Nibs)Originally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Tangle patterns are everywhere, even in the art of others. Jennifer Maestre is one artist that thinks outside the box–or rather, outside the drawing. Instead of using her pencils to sketch with, she cuts them up, and sews them into the most incredible creatures. The minuteContinue reading “Stubs: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA tangle pattern”

Underwater scene ATC-Traded

Underwater scene ATC-TradedOriginally uploaded by flowerlady56 I love sharing my zentangle zendoodle tangle patterns with people, and seeing what they do with them. No one does a tangle in exactly the same way. Here is a gorgeous zentangle done by flowerlady56 using STUBS, VORTEX and BUOY from my patterns. She’s using PRINTEMPS, HOLLIBAUGH, MSST andContinue reading “Underwater scene ATC-Traded”

Sandra Bartholomew’s Tangle of the week and Alphatangle book

Sandra Bartholomew is incredibly generous in sharing new patterns.  As a certified teacher, she shows some of the official zentangle patterns and some of her own incredible patterns. This week, she has incorporated the tangle-of-the-week in a slide show of her studio.  Her studio is funky and lots of fun.  Well worth a click awayContinue reading “Sandra Bartholomew’s Tangle of the week and Alphatangle book”

Upwall: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern

UpwallOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas The mind is a funny thing. It takes clues from shadow and shape, size and detail, and interprets how big, how far, how deep. You can fool the mind into believing there are three dimensional shapes and distance between objects by using shadow and detail. Upwall is a funContinue reading “Upwall: Non-official Zentangle/ZIA pattern”

Gasket & Carpet: 2 non-officialZentangle/ZIA patterns

Gasket & CarpetOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Triangles and Squares and Circles, oh my! The most basic of shapes become fragile and beautiful with fractal geometry. Waclaw Sierpinski was a Polish mathmetician who described the properties of these two fractals. They are interesting both mathmatically and visually. You can create a delicate, lacy effectContinue reading “Gasket & Carpet: 2 non-officialZentangle/ZIA patterns”

Peacock Pride: Zentangle Inspired drawing

NFT-Peacock PrideOriginally uploaded by molossus aka rooibas Peacock Pride by Sandra Kay Strait aka Molossus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.Based on a work at I varied my peacock pattern for this zentangle inspired drawing. 8.25 x 5 moleskine sketch journal. Various artist and brush pens. I’veContinue reading “Peacock Pride: Zentangle Inspired drawing”