C is for Chocolate

Have you entered my latest giveaway? Check back one post for details! #DoodlewashJanuary2022 Prompt: Chocolate. Did you know that chocolate comes from the seeds inside the fruit of the cocoa tree? Close enough to fruit for me (although some argue that it’s a vegetable). Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook Kuretake Real Clean Color Brush Pen Kuretake CambioContinue reading “C is for Chocolate”

B is for Bamboo

#DoodlewashJanuary2022 Prompt: Bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is actually a grass? Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook Kuretake Real Clean Color Brush Pen Kuretake Cambio Tambien Brush Pen Kuretake Mangaka Flexible pen January Doodlewash Prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, go here

A is for Airplane

#DoodlewashJanuary2022 Prompt: Airplane. Happy New Year! Did you know the air pressure and low humidity in a plane makes it hard for you to tast sweet and salty flavors? That airline food might not be as bad as you think (but probably is, lol). This month the Doodlewash prompts are in alphabetical order. I decidedContinue reading “A is for Airplane”

Icicle Plant

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Icicle. Did you know that the Echeveria Icycle (aka Echeveria Icicle) plant is named forr it’s frosty looking leaves.    I didn’t quite get that frosty look, but I liked what was happening and decided to let it go.  You gotta love artistic license! Hahnemühle ‘The Collection’ Cold Press watercolor paper Super Vision LayeredContinue reading “Icicle Plant”

Polar Bear Swimming

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Polar Bear. Very late to the prompt! Did you know that polar bears can swim for days without rest? Thirty mile swims are common, and they have been tracked swimming as far as 220 miles. Even cubs have been tracked swimming as far 96 miles without harm. What isn’t known is whether the bearsContinue reading “Polar Bear Swimming”

Arctic Fox

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Arctic Fox. Did you know that during the winter months, the Arctic Fox is considered to have the warmest coat of any animal in the world? This painting was a challenge because I was with someone who kept pushing my arm as I painted and who managed to splash a large amount of waterContinue reading “Arctic Fox”

Swiss Shepherd Puppy

DoodlewashDecember2021: Angel. ‘Cause if I had a dog like this I’d name her Angel. Did you know that the Swiss Shepherd shares the same origins as the German Shepherd, but only comes in white or cream, has a mellower personality and is more upright in stature. Yep! I feel much more confident using the PaulContinue reading “Swiss Shepherd Puppy”


DoodlewashDecember2021: Reindeer. I know – a bit late to the prompt! Did you know that caribou (aka reindeer) are the only deer species in which both male and female have antlers? Another test of the Paul Rubens’ precipatated colors. This small postcard size doesn’t give the colors a chance to really granulate. The colors areContinue reading “Caribou”

The Woman in White Abstract

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Star. Push come to shove, an abstract painting is whatever the viewer wants it to be. A gothic setting, an alien invasion, a hot mess – however it speaks to you. This wasn’t really meant to be a painting at all. I’d just taken the Paul Ruben’s Precipitated Colors set out of the box,Continue reading “The Woman in White Abstract”

Egret in the Mists

#DoodlewashDecember2021: Fireplace. ‘Cause when the weather is like it is in this painting, I want to be sitting in front of the fireplace! Another quick painting using Paul Ruben’s Precipatated Colors set. I’ve come to the conclusion that paintings done with this set need to be quick. Oh, you can think them out – IContinue reading “Egret in the Mists”