Taking a Bath

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Elephant. Did you know a baby elephant sucks the end of its trunk, much like human babies suck their thumb? This time I mixed metallic silver with permanent mauve to try for a glisteny-wet look. Hahnemühle The Collection Hot Press Watercolor Paper Aquafine Watercolor Reference Image by Wildfaces from Pixabay. June Doodlewash promptsContinue reading “Taking a Bath”

Getting Ready For World Watercolor Month 2022

July is World Watercolor Month! To learn more about this, visit Doodlewash. I really want to do all the prompts in a journal just for the occasion, but worry a bit that time will be an issue (don’t we all?). Then I had an idea for a theme – silhouettes. I’ve got a Hahnemühle 100%Continue reading “Getting Ready For World Watercolor Month 2022”

Humpback Whale

#doodlewashJune2022: Humpback whale. Did you know that humpback whales have ‘gathering’ places where they meet at regular intervals and share songs? I decided to do something a little more stylized for this one. All those barnacles just seem to call for it. Bockingford Hot Press Watercolor Paper MaimeriBlu Watercolor Reference Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay.Continue reading “Humpback Whale”


#doodlewashJune2022: Clematis. Did you know the Clematis is also known as “Old Man’s Beard”? You don’t want to get it in your beard though as it’s toxic and can cause burning and ulcers in the mouth! Bockingford Cold Press Watercolor Paper Da Vinci Watercolor June Doodlewash prompts Tools: To find a list of dealers, whoContinue reading “Clematis”

Chinese Water Dragon

#doodlewashJune2022: Lizard. Did you know the Chinese Water Dragon, like many other lizards, has a ‘third eye’? It’s a pineal gland located at the top of their head. It doesn’t ‘see’ images but measures light, helping the lizards navigate, and avoid predators from overhead. Hahnemühle Cold Press Collection Paper Zebra Zensations Technical Pen MaimeriBlu WatercolorContinue reading “Chinese Water Dragon”

Review – MaimeriBlu Tube and Pan Watercolors

A full line of single pigment watercolors. Many pigments that are hard to find in other brands. Professional grade watercolor … Interested? Learn more in my review at Doodlewash!

Spinner Dolphin

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Spinner Dolphin. Did you know that dolphins and whales blow bubbles, sometimes even bubble rings? It’s part of their breathing, but they’ve often been seen playing with the bubbles, and may even communicate with them. Hahnemühle The Collection Hot Press Watercolor Paper Aquafine Watercolor Reference Image by B Truchement from Pixabay. June DoodlewashContinue reading “Spinner Dolphin”

The Australian Shepherd

#doodlewashJune2022: Dog. Did you know that the australian shepherd is not from Australia? Some believe they made their entrance to the U.S. following their Basque masters who had immigrated to Australia then to the U. S. Others believe the breed are off-shoots of British Herding dogs like the collie. This is more of a sketchContinue reading “The Australian Shepherd”

The Beaver

#doodlewashJune2022 prompt:  Beaver. Did you know that a beaver can close his lips behind his incisor teeth, and hold his tongue tightly against the roof of his mouth, so that he can gnaw underwater without swallowing water? This was another experiment to see if I could get that glisteny-wet look of wet fur by usingContinue reading “The Beaver”

Red Panda – Two Panda

#doodlewashJune2022: Red Panda. Did you know there are two species of Red Panda? Recent DNA discoveries have revealed that Chinese Red Pandas and Himalayan Red Pandas are two distinct species, though the difference is mainly in the head shape, and coloration — more white on the Chinese Panda’s face and more distinct rings on theContinue reading “Red Panda – Two Panda”