TigerCatMothrpillar Alebrije

#DoodlewashApril2021 Prompts: Tiger & Prickly. Since I’ve done so few of the Doodlewash prompts lately, I wanted to come up with something different. I thought of a Tiger moth for the Tiger prompt, but quite a few others have already done that. Then I saw that ‘Prickly’ was the prompt for the 14th. If you’veContinue reading “TigerCatMothrpillar Alebrije”

PDF Download Test-Chow Chow Tutorial

I’m thinking about adding a page to my blog with PDFs of my various tutorials that people can download. If you are interested, try downloading my test pdf. I think it will only work on my blog page. I’ve had one report of someone on a tablet that downloaded and can’t get back to theirContinue reading “PDF Download Test-Chow Chow Tutorial”

Egret and Bigger Bird

This is another piece that I worked on while visiting family in Florida. I started on the flight there and added bits and pieces when I had a moment or two. For some reason, I packed it in my main bag instead of my carry-on for the flight back, so it didn’t get finished untilContinue reading “Egret and Bigger Bird”

Shuttle Abstract

I drew this while flying home from Florida. I had just flown out of Atlanta and after I started I was reminded of the shuttle train connecting the gates in that airport, so that’s what I went with. It’s been a long few weeks and I haven’t been able to get much art done. It’sContinue reading “Shuttle Abstract”

Happy Easter To All Who Celebrate

May this be a day of peace and happiness for everyone, whatever their faith or beliefs. Artwork: Daniel Smith Watercolor, ZenArt Black Tulip Round size 8 on Hahnemühle Collection Cold Press watercolor paper. Tools: To find a list of dealers, who carry Hahnemühle products in the U.S. and Canada, go here. You can find ZebraContinue reading “Happy Easter To All Who Celebrate”

Peacock Visitor

I haven’t had much time for painting while at my brother’s house in Florida but I had to paint the visitor who stopped by this morning in search of blueberries.   Artwork: Daniel Smith Watercolor, ZenArt Black Tulip Round size 8 on Hahnemühle Collection Cold Press watercolor paper Tools: To find a list of dealers,Continue reading “Peacock Visitor”

Sun Bear

Did you know that despite its name, the Sun Bear is nocturnal? I haven’t been getting much artwork done lately, so I decided it was time to do a Postcard for the Lunch bag in my line and wash watercolor style. This lazy looking Sun Bear seemed to fit the bill. Artwork: Zebra Zensations TechnicalContinue reading “Sun Bear”

Swallow in Swirls

#DoodlewashMarchPrompt2021: Swallows. Did you know that swallows eat and drink while they fly? They catch insects on the go and swoop low across the water to take a drink. This painting is a ‘save’, and I’m not happy about it, lol. It’s the last spread in the ZigZag book I’ve been working in. I managedContinue reading “Swallow in Swirls”


#doodlewashmarch2021 prompt: Duckling. A while back I filled a Hahnemühle ZigZag book with GelliArts backgrounds and I used one of them to paint this little guy. Gouache on Gouache! – the background done with a Gelli Arts block and then the duckling painted using my Black Tulip brushes. Sorry I haven’t been online much lately.Continue reading “Duckling”

Putting Potatoes Into Perspective

#DoodlewashMarch2021 prompt: Potatoes. Did you know that potato blossoms used to be fashionable? Marie Antoinette made them all the rage when she wore one in her hair. Out of all the brush shapes, I find the rigger the hardest to use. I decided that I’d use one to try and get all those perspective linesContinue reading “Putting Potatoes Into Perspective”