I’m a Zebra Pen Artist Ambassador and review for many Hahnemühle_USA, as well as many other companies.  Each week-day, I draw or paint a postcard to slip into my hubby’s lunch bag and share those here.  I also post Fun & Easy tutorials.

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  1. Hello, I just did a search and found that someone considers this type of drawing, gesture drawing. I definitely plan to practice it.
    Lynda D.

  2. Hi
    How do I let you know about new patterns that I’ve created. I have submitted them to the tanglepatterns website. Am I able to send my flickr links to you if so how? Or do I wait until they have been looked at by tanglepatterns?
    Fairly new at this game. P.S. do you have an email address, I can’t find one on your website.

  3. Lizzie, Thank you for letting me know my email isn’t on the home page. It used to be there, so I must have accidentally deleted it when making changes at some time.

    You can reach me at lifeimitatesdoodles@gmail.com. I’m not associated with tanglepatterns.com (that’s Linda Farmers site), other than following or admiring her work. Generally, I try and post links to new patterns as I discover them each day, but don’t usually post the patterns themselves. Linda posts more often, but does up a picture and often posts the steps for people.

    If you have a blog or flickr site where you post your patterns you can simply let me know you’ve posted, and I’ll link to your work there. If you don’t have either, I will post them for you, as long as they clearly show the steps to your pattern.

    1. Hi. Do I address you as Molussus?

      I have created a flickr account of my new patterns if you are interested.
      Please let me know if anyone else has created anything similar. I would hate to tread on on other peoples toes.
      I love this media of zentangling or tangling. I can’t wait to attend a days course with the UK ZCT Jane Marbaix.

      1. Lizzie, You can call me molossus or Sandra. I answer to almost anything, lol! I’ll check out your tangle patterns. I don’t try and compare patterns though. There are so many it is impossible to keep track any more. Also, though I know many don’t agree, I feel the patterns are already out there, and if someone comes up with one on their own, they have as much right to share it as anyone. It’s different if they are obviously stealing someone else’s steps.

  4. Hi Sandra, I have just discovered your amazing site. I love the “bleed thru” tutorial you have done and am wondering what made you choose the letraset over any other alcohol marker on the market? I am looking at purchasing some alcohol markers in the future, and as they are not exactly cheap, I would love to hear an artists opinion 😄

    1. Tracy, at the time of this writing I’m using Spectrum Noirs, though I prefer Letraset Promarkers or Copics. Promarkers are still my favorite, though Copic sketch markers are a close second because of the brush tips. Some markers have colors that are more transparent in character–even though they are dark, you can draw over them and the linework will show up. Not every color will be that way–the darkest colors won’t be but most of the range will have that transparency. Markers like Sharpies and Bics tend to be more opaque. My three favorite brands are Letraset Promarkers, Copic Sketchmarkers, and Spectrum Noirs.

      I also look at:
      Transparency of color (this is why I like Promarkers)
      Range of color
      How strong do they smell
      What size and shape are the nibs–how small an area can I color in (Promarkers have an add-on nib with a very small point)
      How easy is it to uncap or correctly recap the marker–if the caps are not well made and are easy to fit incorrectly the pens will dry out much faster (this is a failing in the Spectrum Noir)
      How much do they cost (Sketchmarkers are most expensive, Spectrum Noirs the cheapest.

      Ultimately, I have to consider prices. I’m not using Promarkers any more, though I still love their color range the best, because they aren’t refillable and they are hardest to find (here in Oregon).. Spectrum Noirs are not my favorite, but they are cheaper, and I was given a 72-set for Christmas. Since I’ve got them, I’ll use them.

      People will have different preferences so what I like won’t necessarily be what you prefer. If you can afford it, I’d buy one or two of each brand and play with it to see how it handles. I’ve heard other people rave about Pentel, Prismacolor and Dick Blick. but I don’t like them as well myself. I know there are a few other markers out there that are good.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to send me such a comprehensive answer! I have found that in Australia, the individual letraset markers are around $10 each to purchase, (not too sure how much the refill cartridges are), where the copic sketch is $8.00 (ciao $5.00) When I went to open the cap of the letraset marker to have a look at the fine tip nib, it took a couple of people at the art store to actually get the cap off! They said that the lids are quite poorly designed. As my choice of Colour has been the prisma color pencil, I am looking at going beyond my comfort zone and experimenting with the alcohol markers – your list of questions helps me to make an informed decision. Thank you!

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