Flash Giveaway No. 1 has ENDED

The latest watercolour paper from Hahnemühle is ‘The Collection’. It comes in two weights of Cold press, Hot press and Rough.

Thanks to the lovely Carol Boss of Hahnemühle_USA has agreed to a weekly giveaway of a sample packs of 140 lb. cold press ‘The Collection’ watercolour paper. Each pack has 20 sheets of paper in 5.8 x 8.3 in./14.8 x 21 cm size.

Because these are sample sheets they do have writing on the front and back so you have approximately 5 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch of working space. That gives you plenty of room for small watercolor sketches, and it’s a great way to try out the paper.

Elephant Stops to Smell the Giant Tropical Daisies

On the right you can see what the back of each sample sheet looks like. Below is the sample art I’ve done in watercolor. The writing just adds to the interest!

A Garden Walk

To the right, you can see what the front of the sample sheets look like and on the left you see the artwork I did. I like the idea of having the information underneath the paint. I like knowing what paper I used when I come back years later!

This artwork will be included in the giveaway! (I hope you like it).

Through December 14, 2020, I’ll be giving away these sample sheets weekly, starting at 17:00 (5.00 pm) on Sunday evening and ending Monday evening at 17.00. I can’t promise artwork every week, but I’m going to try!

To learn more about ‘The Collection’, you can read my review here.

U. S. only

Prizes: One winner will receive:
One Hahnemühle sample pack cold press Hahnemühle ‘The Collection’ watercolour paper – 20 sheets, 5.8 x 8.3 in./14.8 x 21 cm.

The Artwork shown above: One sheet with a painting on each side

Two Ways To Enter:

Giveaway is over – winner has been notified

  1. Send me an email at LifeImitatesDoodles@gmail.com with: ‘I want to win The Collection sample Giveaway No. 1‘ in the subject line
  2. Visit my LifeImitatesDoodles Instagram account and follow the instructions there.

Giveaway ends on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 17:00 05:00 PM) PST. Winner will be notified by a response to the email they sent, or by DM if the winner entered on Instagram.


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