The Duchess, my brother and me

The other day, I shared some of the artwork that I did for my mother.

As many of you know, my father worked for the Portland Zoo when I was a child and since they didn’t have a nursery, when mothers rejected their offspring, the zoo keepers would take the babies home.

Duchess was our first lion cub and this also happens to be the first oil painting I did. Although, I was about 5 – 6 in the photo I used for reference, I was 11-12 when I painted this.

Now, it’s a treasured piece that holds memories of both my parents, my initial foray into serious artwork, and my own childhood.

Doodlewash prompt: Lion

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8 thoughts on “The Duchess, my brother and me

  1. you painted this at 11 or 12???? oh wow! I couldn’t even draw stick people then . hahaha! what a great painting to remember Duchess by ❤

  2. Oh my goodness Sandra. You have always been talented! This even looks like you! What a wonderful memory and what a wonderful way to remember it. Love, love, love!

  3. My education into the autobiography of Sandra continues! Such a beautiful and sophisticated first painting for an 11-12 year old. I am so impressed by it’s freshness, perspective and the fact that it really captures you. And the second revelation is solving the mystery of why you draw (and are drawn) to all these lovely animals! You are just living out of a wonderful childhood love and relationship to them! Treasure this painting. I also just bought home about 7 paintings scattered over my parents home, since Dad died. It’s been interesting to have int my own home this early portfolio of art experiments!
    Thanks for sharing! SHARE MORE!

    1. Many thanks, Judy! I don’t have too many more I can share because early on I used magazines photos and copied the works of others. I don’t think that’s a problem when you’re trying to learn, but they shouldn’t be shared online because I don’t know who to credit. I hope you’ll share some of your works. They’re valuable for the memories and the glimpse into your journey.

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