ATCs with Snow – Drawn and Gifted Long Ago

When my mother passed away, I took back some of the artwork that I had done for her over the years.

When I was heavy into ATCs around 2009 – 2010, she liked what I was doing with scratchboard.

Scratchbord (a brand of scratchboArd) is India Ink over a white clay surface. You scratch away ink to leave white lines. I discovered Pitt Artist pens, which happen to be filled with India Ink. You could scratch away detail, color with the Pitts and then scratch more detail into the colored areas.

I had a special matboard created for some of these ATCs, and put several together for as a birthday for Mom.

Sorry for the poor photo, but I had trouble getting the shot behind the glass.

Doodlewash prompt: Snow – since all of these ATCs feature snow, I’m using them for the prompt even though I didn’t do them specifically for today.

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11 thoughts on “ATCs with Snow – Drawn and Gifted Long Ago

  1. Sandra these are beautiful….and the fact that they were in your mother’s home makes them all the more meaningful! What a lovely collection of snowy scenes! And the ones in color are amazing….more like woodcuts. I’ve done a couple of scratchboard scenes…but never knew you could add color! LOVE!!!

  2. Wow! Those are incredibly beautiful! I can’t believe they are done with scratchboard. I remember buying some pre-printed ones for my son when he was little, but haven’t tried it myself since I was a kid.

    1. Well, there is scratchboard and there is scratchboard, lol. The good ones are done with a high quality clay underneath and india ink to scratch through. The Pitt Artist pens I used are fabulous, but I destroyed them quickly with this process, which is one of the reasons I stopped. It was getting too expensive to keep buying new pens.

  3. Sandra, these are just gorgeous. I’ve always thought of scratchboard as a kids’ art surface, something I played with when I was in school and an easy technique I taught to many other students over the years. You, however, take this humble art form to a whole new direction and the result is impressive. Your skill at composition and texture shine in these paintings. They are a pleasure to view. Thank you for sharing.
    May I offer my condolences on the loss of your mother. I hope your memories of her carry you forward with joy.

    1. Many thanks, Sharon! Scratchboard was the medium many artists used as a practice run for woodcuts back in the day. If you get a good one, usually mounted on board, it is much different than working on the one’s made for kids. Good clay and india ink – both expensive so you don’t see too many people using it any more. I used both good and bad ones for my ATCs. Adding the extra india ink from the Pitt pens made it easier to work with the bad ones.

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