Chameleon – Postcards for the Lunch Bag

Artwork-Holbein Gouache on a Stonehenge Aqua ColdPress Black watercolor paper. Brushes: Princeton Neptune Travel Brush, Series 4750, Round, Size 8 Photo reference courtesy of cocoparisienne on Pixabay.

Today, my hubby took a Chameleon in his lunchbag. Doodlewash prompt ‘Chameleon’.

Chameleons are interesting critturs. Just a few of fun facts about them:

They don’t change color according to their environment. In fact, different species change color for different reasons. Some for anger or fear, while others respond to light, temperature or humidity.

They change color via nanocrystals – two layers of specialized cells under their skin.

Their tongues can be 2.5 times their body length.

Almost half of the chameleon species live in Madagascar.

They cannot regrow their tails like other lizards.

The smaller the chameleon, the faster the tongue. They’ve been clocked at 8500 feet per second.

Their spit is super sticky!

They do not have ear openings, but they are not deaf. They can detect sound frequencies in the range of 200 – 600 Hz.

They never stop growing during their lifespan.

They see better than humans, with vision in both visible and ultraviolet light.

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10 thoughts on “Chameleon – Postcards for the Lunch Bag

  1. These would be marvelous water cooler trivia, Sandra! Thank you so very much for the gift of your lunch box soap box! (kind of–but it was a bit clever!). Always enjoy your postings. I’ve spoken with Mary Roff several times, especially about you, your talent, and she’s such a lovely lady. I don’t know if you take lunch box requests, but I’m just itching to paint my sweet ginger tabby, Buster. I’m new to painting (2.5) years, and my focus this year are animals an people portraits. But your talent, Sandra, oh my! Through the roof! Always such a treat to read, watch, learn your posts. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do that for us. And I bet your husband shows off your postcards to co-workers, yes? He does save them? I send my sister monthly postcards, oftentimes cutting my favored watercolor paper to postcard size. The Hahnemuhle postcard paper is just entirely too thin, too poorly textured for my liking, though it’s my go-to. Figure that! And I’ve have the blessed fortunate to purchase 5 asst Mary Roff sketch books! Oh my…what a gift. Beautiful in every respect. Just love her. She said that she watches “Alice” every morning? Unsure who she is, or what she does, but I’m intrigued! Be well, Sandra, and again, many thanks.

    1. Thank you so much, Fanna! Mary is a wonderful person. I’m envious that you have five of her books! How nice. Have you tried both kinds of the Hahnemühle postcard? I like both, but I know many people dislike the rough texture. Their cold press is much smoother. I don’t have a ginger tabby on my lists but if I find a good photo reference, I’ll do a pencil to paint on one.

  2. Not being a fan of reptiles, the give me goosebumps… However, your little colorful guy is just so amazing. I’m trying to study it without getting the heebie jeebies.;)

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