Diggory Wombat Goes Flying Part 9 – The End!

Writing Translated

PG 17: “Shoulda thought about that BEFORE jumping off a hill,” bellowed the quoll, shaking his fist as Diggory. Then he stomped away as well. Diggory turned toward the platypus.

PG 18: The platypus has found a pond, and ignoring Diggory, slipped into the water and swam away. Suddenly, Diggory broke into a smile. “Swimming! That looks like fun!”

And that concludes the story of Diggory the Wombat. Hubby has already put in a request for another one, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I have too many other stories I want to tell.

Details Behind the Story

Way back in June, for his July birthday, my hubby asked for a follow-up story to the Diggory Wombat Gets Lost book that I wrote and illustrated for him. Unfortunately, my Muse wasn’t interested so, after months of dithering, I wrote and illustrated the book in 4 days!

This book was done in one of Hahnemühle’s ZigZag accordion books. The book is one long sheet, folded into 18 pages. I love working on this paper!

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14 thoughts on “Diggory Wombat Goes Flying Part 9 – The End!

  1. Looking forward to Diggory learning to swim. Thank you for a fun story and great illustrations. Claudia

  2. Sandra, the Diggory story comes to a perfect ending. He realizes his limitations and survives with his sense of adventure intact. You may be quibbling over the next Diggory story but I see his future in the sea and all the creatures he’ll meet there. It’s amazing how much you did in only 4 days as the illustrations are beautifully rendered throughout. Your wombat looks faithfully like a wombat no matter his pose, and being toppled into trees and flowers made an opportunity to brighten the images. Each of the other critters shows an appropriate expression for his predicament. Perhaps the 4th book will follow Diggory as he returns to land and finds a mate and his true home. I’ve already purchased my lunchbox…hint hint.

  3. Brilliant Sandra! A great ending and a cliff-hanger for the next exciting episode….no matter which turn it takes. I love the way you kept the basic personality of Diggory intact, no matter how the critics howled. He is Diggory: bumbling, innocent, c adventurous, curious and clueless….and adorable…we all know children….and adults like that! 🙂

  4. Totally charming — the story and your artwork. I, too, am looking forward to Diggory’s next adventure! Thank you for sharing your very fun tale!

  5. The little story was marvelous and I bet now he starts learning he cant swim lol. So cute and so well done sandra

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