REVIEW: White Nights Pastel Watercolors – Part 2

Yesterday, in Part 1 of this review, I discussed the White Nights Pastel Watercolours in general. Today, I’m going to show you what happened when I tried to draw over the paint with technical pen.

My first thought when I saw these colors is that they would be fabulous to use as backgrounds for technical pen drawings and tangles. The colors had a somewhat chalky feel (not look) once the paint dried, though. I almost expected it to rub off easily, but it doesn’t.

I started drawing with a Zebra Zensations 0.8 nib size technical pen.

At first, everything seemed fine, but then the ink stopped flowing very well. I wiped off the nib, and it was okay for a while, but started having problems again.

The Zebra’s a pretty sturdy pen, but it does have a fabric nib, and those can clog.

I switched to a Micron PN (plastic nib) 0.8 technical pen and moved on to the next background.

The situation was much the same – the plastic nib worked fine for a while then it became harder and harder to get the ink to flow. The Aqua Black paper is pretty soft, and I thought it might be at least part of the problem. I decided to switch to the background I did on white Nostalgie paper. It has a much smoother, harder surface.

The pen worked a little better on this paper; it took longer before the flow clogged up. But clog up it did. For grins, I switched to the Zensations with its fabric tip. I kept going, switching between the two pens. My line work was clumsier than usual because I was trying to get that ink to flow!

Eventually, both pens stopped working altogether. I may be able to get them working again, but they’ll never give me crisp flowing lines again.

*sigh* But these are such beautiful colors. I’ll know not to plan to draw over them with technical pen, but you’ll be seeing them a lot used in other ways because I like them!

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12 thoughts on “REVIEW: White Nights Pastel Watercolors – Part 2

  1. Sandra, it’s too bad you sacrificed those pens because the effects are fantastic! I’m wondering if traditional India ink and quill nib pens would flow better (not asking you to do this, lol), since the medium’s a little more viscous. Anyway, THANKS for this helpful review.

    1. Many thanks, Kathy! I think India Ink and quill nib pens would work, but I suspect you’d still have problems with the flow, having to wipe off the nib frequently. Ink and brush would probably be better. I’m going to try some gouache over it next, but need to concentrate on some other reviews at the moment.

  2. I love the White Knight colors and I love the ink application. I’m glad you told us about how the pens get gunky because that would be hard on my budget. I guess you could use India ink and a paintbrush? But, OH, SANDRA!, the illustrations are magical! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yesterday my comment couldn’t be posted so I’m trying again today (and finally discovered that refreshing the page works!)
    Maybe these paints would be excellent background for other paints layered on top, like gouache. Or perhaps they’re meant to be used alone. I’ve never used ink with my watercolor paintings though I keep thinking I’ll try them.

    1. I know. I have to answer comments from my dashboard page because WP won’t let me respond on the blog page itself. Gah! I have many experiments I want to try with these paints but then I have several other things that I want to experiment with. Too many toys, too little time – the eternal conundrum!

      1. And sometimes too much chocolate.

        BTW, I always respond from my dashboard page – I have more control when using it over the comments section for the post. But then, I haven’t posted anything in months.

  4. Thanks for the warning! But, I agree, these colors are too beautiful to leave behind…I suspect they will find their sweet spot in your practice and palette soon!

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