Building Confidence

I almost never throw away any of my drawings or paintings, even if I hate them. This painting is an example why.

As I recall, I was at the coast when I painted this – can’t remember where or what paper or paint I used. What I do remember is that I felt it sucked. I really disliked it.

Recently, I was going through some old work, looking for something else entirely, and found this. And I thought “Hmmmm. Not half bad.” Not a ringing endorsement, and I still don’t think it’s one of my best. But it’s not half bad, which is a long way from the ‘sucks’ I originally felt.

I doubt it will go up further in my estimation, but I’ll keep it to remind myself – again – that my first reaction to a painting isn’t always valid. Some works just need time to grow on you.


  1. I like it. I think something in the center of the patio, ground flat area would of added something, but overall I really like it.

  2. that’s true, and I like this. it’s different for you. I’m used to landscapes and animals for the most part. I think the color is what draws me in first.

  3. I like it very much an your colours are soft an fit the art. You say this scene through an artists eyes an painted as an artist would. You painted for a reason, perhaps because it was unique an the finished piece wasn’t picture perfect but calming an a bit abstract with beauty.

  4. Wonderful Mediterranean feel….like a South of France Dufy painting! Great palette! And the truth of your “vision” of it later on really resonates. We get different lens after being away for awhile and laying down our expectations of what we “wanted” it to look like.

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