Sunset in Casein and Watercolor

Artwork-Miya Arts watercolor over Jack Richeson Artist Casein  on Hahnemühle Cézanne Cold Press. Brushes: Jack Richeson 713995 Watermedia Pocket Plein Air Brush Set

So how did I get from this to that? Yesterday I posted some mushrooms I painted with gouache over casein. I went into quite a bit of detail over the whys and wherefores and history of casein in that post so I’ll just talk a little about what happened when I painted over it with watercolor.

Note: Casein is pronounced K-Seen and Gouache is pronounce Gwash.

I didn’t paint the casein as solidly as I did in my previous painting since watercolor is more transparent.

The casein did give me more opacity in my watercolor and I achieved a beautiful glow. But I could have just done this by painting with gouache in the first place and I’d have more vibrant lights.

This could be a plus. Sometimes, you want a more muted look. But I did have to fight more to get this, and I lost a degree of subtlety. I think practice would remedy that, but again – much easier to just use gouache.

Let me say, that many talented artists use casein, especially if they have a strong background in illustration. I became interested in it while watching James Gurney, of Dinotopia fame.

I think it is a medium that takes a bit of work to get used to. I’ll continue to give some more play, but given the smell, probably not a lot.

Because, I do think some people would love this medium, I’ll leave on a positive note – why would you want to use casein?

  • Creating your own toned paper. You could use almost any color that you want, and have a velvety texture that you wouldn’t get from colored paper.
  • To get an occasional gouache-like feel from the watercolors you have. You don’t want to buy a set of gouache, but would like to occasionally get the same look. Buying a tube or two of casein would give you the chance.

I’m sure there are other reasons, and I’ll hopefully discover them as I play with my toys!

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2 thoughts on “Sunset in Casein and Watercolor

  1. Thanks for such useful information about casein. I’m not one to experiment with unknown paints like this as the expense is more than I want to invest in an unknown product. Your review provides a factor for me to consider. I really like the result in this painting.

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