Interference Back-to-Back

After using my new Van Gogh Specialty set on both the Van Gogh black watercolor paper and on the Stonehenge paper, I decided to do a back-to-back comparison, so I could really appreciate what the differences were.

I wasn’t looking to see which was better. That’s not my philosophy when it comes to art supplies. I wanted to see how each handled the paint, so I’d know how to get the best out of each in the future.

Van Gogh Speciality Palette & Van Gogh Black Watercolour A4 Pad

The Van Gogh black paper has a marvelous texture. It isn’t labeled as Cold Press, Hot Press or Rough. I’d say rough, but toward the smoother end of it. The paint moves well – almost too much. You can get detail but have to work at it. The paper is cellulose.

Stonehenge Aqua ColdPress Black watercolor paper

The paint moves well on the Stonehenge black, but not as freely as on the Van Gogh. The paint takes a bit longer to dry, which results in brighter color. It was easier to get detail, and keep more contrast because I had more control. The paper is labeled as Cold Press. It still has a definite texture but it doesn’t show as much through the paint. The paper is 100% cotton.

I really like the texture of the Van Gogh, and this is the paper I’d choose for looser effects. I like the brighter colors on the Stonehenge and would use it if I was looking for specific detail.

Bekki Page reviewed the Van Gogh Speciality Palette & Van Gogh Black Watercolour A4 Pad and I reviewed the Stonehenge Aqua Black watercolor paper. at Doodlewash earlier this year.

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10 thoughts on “Interference Back-to-Back

  1. Interesting! I found the Van Gogh to be more challenging due to it’s texture, but I see now I may have been trying to use it for the wrong subject (florals). I do have another unopened pad. I may just try a landscape with definite horizontal & vertical lines. Love the ‘rain’ effect. Thank you this was a great read! Opened my eyes to another possibility.

  2. the first one looks woven the 2nd a painting,
    i like the first one better.
    then 2nd seems like it is waiting for more detail.
    the colors do show well on the 2nd.
    the back just seems to call for night scenes
    do a halloween scene pumpkins on a victorian house porch next?

    1. Thank you! The texture is definitely a thing with the Van Gogh paper. You have to be careful with the amount of water too, because paint moves so much. It might be interesting to try doing something that looks like a tapestry. I don’t know if I’ll have time for another Halloween painting before I go traveling. I’ve got some other projects I’m committed to before then – but if I can, I will.

  3. Both are beautifully done. The Van Gogh looks like its done on Linen but unique. Like your second painting, beautiful colours an more appealing to the eye, draws you into the scene more so. But they are both very beautiful an nicely done. Great paintings.
    Its Friday, enjoy the weekend

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