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This is the last of the Weekly Wednesday Giveaways, and I want to thank everyone who’s entered over the past few months. I’ve enjoyed reading the answers to my questions – they’ve given me lots to smile about and think about.

To Enter: Giveaway is over!

Answer the question here on this post (answers on Facebook & Instagram don’t count as an entry.

Autumn is around the corner here in the U.S. What is your favorite memory for this time of year, whatever the season may be where you live?

One Winner will receive this Prize Package

  • one copy of Alice Hendon’s ‘Tangle All Around the World’
  • one Hahnemühle Grey Book
  • one Hahnemühle Black Book
  • one Hahnemühle Report & Art Book
  • one Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media sample sheets
  • one 3 pk Zebra Zensations Technical Pens
  • Andrea Torres Limited Edition World Watercolor Month Pouch – small
  • Just for grins – one teabag with cat bookmark tag

Thank you to Hahnemühle_USA for the Grey, Black, Report & Art books and sampler sheets, and to ZebraPenUS for the pack of Zensations Technical pens.

This Giveaway Ends Monday, September 23, 2019 at 11:59 PM PDT.

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60 thoughts on “Closed-Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway THE LAST

  1. I like how at the end of the day, when the leaves are changing colors, the sky and everything even the green grass just look golden.

  2. Meeting our youngest grandson, born in the middle of October. We’d flown from California to Colorado, each mile in the clouds another notch of anticipation. Watching the Rockies appear below us increased the thrill, and the brisk air on arrival announced the new season. We finally saw him for the first time, bundled against the chill, sound asleep, and so beautiful.

    1. Trick or treating as a kid. Dressed as a pirate, with a wooden sword carved by my dad. Life was more simple then. It always got cold for Halloween so we had to wear coats over our costumes. I didn’t like that it messed with the look of the costume.

  3. My father taking me trick-or-trick when I was about 5 or 6 dressed as a princess. Not sure why I remember this so much but maybe it was because he proudly told everyone he was the king and I was his princess 🙂

  4. It’s the crispness in the air, the cooler nights, and memories of raking leaves with the family followed by a mug of hot chocolate after having jumped into the leaf pile! Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win a box of goodies!

  5. I will always remember the smell of leaves and especially burning leaves on a cool crisp day. My Dad also like the smell of burning leaves.

    Thank you Sandra, your posts are interesting and beautiful and your giveaways have been fun and generous.

  6. I love Fall! Memories of my childhood of racking up the leaves and jumping in them comes to mind, but my favorite part was making an outline of a house floor plan. We would then play in it, like it was a real house with walls. I haven’t thought about that in years!

  7. Sitting around the outdoor fireplace at our camp in Maine the last autumn we were all together. When I miss the ones who have gone on before, I always think of that night with the mesmerizing flames, the moon on the lake, smell of woods smoke in the chilly air and the love and laughter of family. Bliss!

  8. We don’t get much of an autumn here in southeast Texas, but I was fortunate to visit my sister in England one year in October, and we traveled over to Austria and Switzerland, and the colors were just amazing! I’d never seen anything like it – the deep reds, oranges, and yellows were spectacular!

    1. Going to Apple Hill for the day and picking apples and finding unique pumpkins. Later having cider and a sweet treat, whichever strikes my fancy.

  9. Fall is a wonderful time. I like the cooler evenings and the change of color in the crisp fallen leaves. Watching my grandchildren laughing and jumping in the golden leaves is a special memory.

  10. We used to burn leaves in the fall when I was a child, and my dad would always wrap a potato in foil to cook at the bottom, just for me. The taste was so delicious with a crispy skin and smokey flavor. It is an extra special memory since my dad and I seldom had much time together.

  11. It’s been a great run for you. Thanks! I’ll give it one more try. My favorite memory of autumn when we lived in Massachusetts and the first day of school was cool. I was standing outside waiting for the school but and wore a new red sweater.I still buy and own red sweater although I don’t get to wear them often in South Texas.

  12. For me, it’s the yearly trip to the pumpkin patch with my daughter, which includes a hay ride, apple cinnamon donuts, and amazing quality time in our tradition. I love looking at the pictures of my daughter from all the past years. Special favourites are the ones where she was too little to pick up the pumpkin she chose.

  13. Autumn was my mother’s favorite season so it has become mine as well. When the leaves start falling I always think of my mom, the apple pies she would make, and how I still miss her so very much.

  14. I grew up in an area that does not experience dramatic seasonal changes so the best memory I have is a bus tour of New England in the fall. I was awestruck by the foliage colors. Any photos I had seen simply did not do it justice.

  15. Autumn changes you. It calms you. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year after spring. It’s cool and laid back. One of my favorite memories of autumn is the birth of my first son. November 2,1994 was a crisp, clear, blue sky day. The sun was bright and I’d just indulged in a slice of my mama’s delicious pumpkin pie. My sister was hosting me for the morning and pumpkin pie was my late morning snack. Within an hour, contractions began and phone calls were made. I clearly remember the blue and white striped sailor type dress I wore and my husband arriving to ferry me to the hospital. I recall walking calmly up the sidewalk and into the building. I’ll never forget the midwife reminding me to breathe and telling me to look into the mirror so I could see my son come into the world. There was his head. His body. His cry. No pain for me. Just complete joy. Autumn changes you. It changed my world that day.

  16. Our 1950’s full skirts would dance and billow on gusty autumn days as we walked home from school. With the first sprinkles of rain we would run while trying to pat down the colorful cotton plaid swirling around around our thighs.

  17. The autumn colors. I remember years I went up in the mountains to paint the beautiful golden aspens. The first time, the wind was blowing and golden aspen leaves were fluttering all around me, like golden raindrops. And trips up to Apple Hill and all the golds, reds, greens, browns. Autumn is my favorite season because the summer heat is finally over.

  18. My favorite memory for this time of year is going to haunted houses with my brothers, watching them freak out and jump into each other’s arms whenever the actors scares them 😂

  19. The delicious smell of burning leaves. So miss that! Before the fires, raking the leaves into a maze first, then jumping in the huge leaf piles — such great memories! I also remember one particular year — 4th or 5th grade? — when I wore a new outfit in a red plaid to the first day of school. Loved it! All great comments here, but I still have a tear in my eye from Kathleen’s memory of the birth of her first child. Autumn is my very favorite season!

  20. Sitting on the porch swing with my Grandma on cool evenings with a shared blanket, just rocking and enjoying being together. That, and returning to school – by this time summer had lost it’s sheen and I was always ready to go back to classes and my friends!

  21. The colours! Living on the west coast of Canada, it is a green world. The splashes of orange and yellows as some of the maples and alders prepare for winter is just beautiful.

  22. I love autumn with her great palette of colours. In the woods the colours and smells are magical in this period . I have a lot of memories of trips I did in my childhood during this season.

  23. When I lived on the east coast, we had the beautiful changes of the leaves. I do miss that.

    It is also getting ready to celebrate many holidays. I used to love Halloween……Thanksgiving…etc. I have great memories of making costumes with the kids and of family gatherings.

  24. Coming up with one is difficult. There was playing in the band at high school football games, raking leaves with the family. Probably would have to go with Trick or Treating in October. I grew up in a small community where we went out on both October 30 and 31. For me, it was a double treat as my birthday is the 30th. It was an extra treat for my birthday.

  25. October was the Superbowl of art projects when I was a child—making costumes, Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins. I miss those days.

    Thank you for the giveaways!

  26. We don’t have much of a climate change here in Florida, but I would say the end of summer rain storms. Everyone’s grass so green and lush. Barefoot children playing in the shallow water at a lakes edge. Fireflies, cookouts and daylight a little bit longer. And of course start planning for Halloween.

  27. My favorite autumn memory is living across from Laurelhurst Park when I was younger. I loved to watch the leaves change and feeding the ducks.

  28. Wow! You sure have done a lot of these! My fave memory of fall was growing up in WA state and getting to go trick or treating in the rich neighborhood my aunt lived in! We had our home made masks and costumes, and our pillow cases for the candy! We did all our local street, then Dad drove us to my aunt’s neighborhood while my mom stayed home to give out candy. It was so exciting to see the nice houses and get lots of goodies! Then come home and open the pillow cases and dump our treasure on the carpet! It really was exciting for us! ♥

  29. I was a bakers kid…and the whole family would take a Sunday drive to the local orchard and pick the luscious apples…and stop for an ice cream cone on the way home. My dad then would make all kinds of delicious goodies with the apples we picked…apple pies, apple strudel, apple filled doughnuts…and the customers would enjoy the fruits of our labor as well.

  30. Running through crunchy leaves and jumping in leaf piles–every kid should be able to do that at least once!

  31. I love the fall and my favorite memory would be of our wedding. The girls wore dresses in colors of autumn leaves. It will be 42 years this year. I hand-lettered our invitations and seating cards, created the centerpieces and favors, and enjoyed every moment of it. Getting ready to do the same for our daughter’s wedding.

  32. In the fall my hubby and I bundle up and go to the school football games, high school, middle school. We had to show up cold or not and those hard bleacher seats because daughters, exchange students and now our granddaughter performs on cheer and dance teams. A hot dog and pop corn always on the dinner menu. Good memories!!!

  33. My favourite memories of fall are from my childhood. My friends & I would collect leaves that had changed colour then fallen to the ground. We would arrange the leaves in large piles to jump & roll around in on the ground.
    Now, as an adult, fall is still my favourite time of year because I never get tired of seeing the leaves change colour & being reminded of those childhood memories 🍁🍂😊

  34. Autumn is the best season….cooler weather and the colors of fall leaves. Nice to cuddle under my comforter too!

  35. My two grown adults, when little loved to see who would find the most colourful an unusual leaves that had fallen off the trees in the orchard behind our home. Once all where collected, they wanted Mom to wax every leaf so they could keep them in their very well coloured an pasted with anything they could find special shoe box. They actually thought they could hang them back on the trees after all the other leaves fell off. To this day, I bring out those special photo’s of two children excitingly tying their leaves on our boxwood shrub, it was the closes branch’s they could reach. Even though some may have crumpled from trying to be tied, others where placed upon the branch’s….

  36. My favorite memory is a photo I have of my husband dumping the kids in a pile of leaves. We worked hard to get them raked but also had fun playing in them and scattering them.

  37. Ahoy Sandra! Did ye know that September 19th be blabber like a priate day? ’tis also me Birthday! Needless t’ say ’tis me fav’rit time o’ year. Wit’ a bounty o’ fall leaves, apples ‘n pumpkins fillin’ me loot chest. I be up fer a wee pillage afore grub how about ye? Come on now mattie I don’t wants t’ ‘ave t’ skewer yer gizzard!

  38. Autumn arrives with her air of authority. Timetables are issued, new school satchels, books and shoes are donned as we scurry off to a new term braving fierce leaf strewn winds. Sitting all day in class watching grey clouds scudding to be released on our way home as nights are drawing in and Mam awaits in a snuggly lit home with tea on the table as we dream with our doggie by the crackling fireside.

  39. I enjoyed fall as a child and I loved going out with my friends who lived in the same neighborhood and we went trick-or-treating together. It was a lot of pure fun.

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