Shaping Studies Tutorial Day 3

Artwork-QoR watercolor on Hahnemühle Anniversary watercolor paper. Brushes: Princeton Elite Dagger, and Neptune Travel round size 8.  Doodlewash prompt: Rainforest.  Penguin dreams of the rainforest

The full technique for these 10-15 minute negative paintings can be found on Shaping Studies Tutorial Day 1. I’m trying not to repeat myself too much.

I started with this set of brush studies. Notice how abstract they are – you really don’t have to draw a ‘thing’. Abstract is fine if that is how you roll.

I have to admit, my brain was fuzzy when I started this one, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to paint. So I just started and after a few moments I decided there was a head, and then a beak, and oh yes! I was painting around the shape of a penguin. I love when penguins spontaneously happen!

I had started with purple and that’s a suitable color for the arctic chill but then I thought of the Doodlewash prompt ‘Rainforest’. And I’ll bet penguins dream of warmer, colorful places, so I added Qor QoR Benzimidazolone Yellow, QoR Cadmium Red Light.

After it all dried, I added some Qor Quinacridone Gold to deepen the yellows and imply some shadows.

These quick studies are tied in to my Princeton Aqua Elite Brush Review and Tutorial-How to Paint with QoR Iridescent Colors. (By the way, one of the eight ongoing Doodlewash giveaways is for the black paper and the QoR colors I used in the QoR Iridescent tutorial. You can find the giveaway here.)


  1. very impressive , each day you bring us a wonderful surprise an this penguin is no exception. Did a beautiful piece an like you colours. Continue have a happy day painting.

  2. I love when penguins spontaneously happen too! I am really enjoying your shape and colour studies.

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