Shaping Studies Tutorial Day 2

Artwork-QoR watercolor on Hahnemühle Anniversary watercolor paper. Brushes: Princeton Elite Dagger, and Neptune Travel round size 8.  Doodlewash prompt: Patterns – there is a repetition of bears here.

This week I’m sharing some practice studies painted over practice studies that take no more than 10-15 minutes to do. I wrote up the full technique for Shaping Studies Tutorial Day 1. Rather than repeat myself, for the remaining days, I’ll keep it shorter, mostly dealing with anything I did differently.

My little bear dreaming of being a big bear started with these quick brush studies. They were done in QoR Manganese Blue.

When you have an initial wash or painting like this, it is called an underpainting. Most often an underpainting is a light wash meant to add a tone to whatever you are painting. In this case, these shapes end up adding texture and interest. You want to be careful that you don’t have an underpainting that is too dark or it can conflict with the actual subject and colors of your work. You want influence not dominance.

I chose to do a negative painting of a bear cub because I like doing quick studies of bears.

This time I decided I wanted my negative shape, the bear, to be in color, so I painted the entire background in a thin wash of QoR Quinacridone Gold.

Notice the glints of white and bright blue? I wasn’t thorough with my wash and some of the original shapes and white of the paper remained. I liked it and left it.

When that wash completely dried, I painted around the bear’s shape with QoR Manganese Blue to create an aura. I added more Quinacridone Gold around the bottom of the painting.

These quick studies are tied in to my Princeton Aqua Elite Brush Review and Tutorial-How to Paint with QoR Iridescent Colors. (By the way, one of the eight ongoing Doodlewash giveaways is for the black paper and the QoR colors I used in the QoR Iridescent tutorial. You can find the giveaway here.)

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