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As part of the World Watercolor Month, Princeton Artist Co. sent me five of their Aqua Elite series of brushes. I received some cool specialty shapes – a dagger, a rigger, a mottler and two oval washes.

What are those? Are they good brushes? Head over to Doodlewash and read my review to find out!


  1. I look forward to receiving my emails and learning/trying to do a my best effort at painting. I am visually impaired so things that are simple to other people are outside of my scope. I was wondering if anyone could explain what #aaabb etc means. I see everywhere don’t forget to tag us but what does it mean?
    Lastly I work using a day light lamp with magnification x 3 in little areas at a time, so in honesty I can only see a whole artwork when it’s finished. Is there anyone there who has the same problem with any tips?

  2. Lorraine, I think I understand what you are asking – let me know if I misunderstood. A hashtag is a # that is placed in front of a name or word. That is called tagging and it works a little differently in different social media. If you put the # in front of someone’s name, they will be notified that they were mentioned on Facebook and Instagram and other social media forums. The # can also be put in front a word or word combination like #WorldWatercolorMonth. Then people can do a search on #WorldWatercolorMonth and see all the other posts using the same tag. It can be used to gather photos in one place – photos with the #WorldWatercolorMonth tag all show up in a special gallery so people can see what others are doing.
    I’m sorry I can’t help you with the vision impairment problem. I think it’s wonderful that you creating art and hope someone else can give you some tips that will make it easier.

    1. Thank you so much for explaining the # to me. I have been trying to understand how it works. So if I may ask, to post to the topic above if I put lifeimitatesdoodles#WorldWatercolorMonth would that send my painting to the right place? pardon me for being ignorant but I have never done anything except emails! I only recently worked out how to use facebook Lol.
      Really the only time I would use it would be posting something on Doodle Wash I think it is magnificent to have a place to go that is just for art, it’s a safe place to learn, improve and ask questions without feeling foolish.
      My visual problems are just that mine, so I didn’t really expect anything in that respect but if you don’t ask you never know and I am sure that there are people with “challenges” and by raising a topic sometimes you find that there are others who have similar issues who can then share tips.
      I can’t thank you enough you have been extremely kind and I really appreciate the time you took to answer. I have been working away at the challenge and having a wonderful time.

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