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Answer the question below, at the Life Imitates Doodles blog Giveaway post (answers on Facebook & Instagram don’t count as an entry.

Aliens from Outer Space have sent exchange students to Earth but we have no idea what they’ll be like until they arrive. Would you agree to host one without knowing?

One Winner will receive this Prize Package

  • one tin of Hahnemühle Cold-Pressed Watercolor Postcards
  • one 3-pk Zebra Zensations Technical Pens
  • one Uniball Signo Broad White pen

Thank you to Hahnemühle_USA for the Postcards and to ZebraPenUS for the technical pens.

This Giveaway Ends Monday, July 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Last week’s winner is:

Celia Peyton says:July 3, 2019 at 11:51

I so wish I could, but my DH and I have too many physical issues right now! Could we have some magical cures before we go? Then I’d say YES!

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65 thoughts on “Closed – Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #24

  1. I would definitely agree to host an Alien student. After all, they are students and are here to learn and it would be exciting to learn about them and their culture.

  2. Love the idea, and I think you’re onto something there. However, since I’ve been living in the Caretaker’s Cottage on a 1793 Historical property’s grounds for the past 10 years, I know they would consider that a (hysterically inappropriate) lease breaker! Currently looking — when I find a little re-starter home/studio for myself and the 4 kitties, please ask us again…

  3. I totally would if I had a spare bedroom to give them…however, once my major decluttering is done, I will have one…a work in progress.

  4. Sounds like fun – would be interesting to learn about an alien culture. They would have to get along with my dog, however – she’s rather particular about who she allows into the house!

  5. I can’t imagine that they’d survive on our planet, if not because of their physical needs, but also because they would not be received well. I would not want to encourage their visit by hosting them! If they were refugees, however, that would be another matter.

  6. Certainly, they can’t be any different than our kids today. On their cellphone communicating back to the mother ship.
    Playing war games on their game boards. Listening on ITunes to what we’re saying. We really wouldn’t know the difference. Almost forgot, Skye, getting to see their parents face to face on a computer. Of course, they certainly would be welcomed at my son, an daughter-laws place, every year they have exchange students an love it. Greetings from Canada

  7. Absolutely. My dream life would be to live in an old Victorian mansion and rent out rooms to college students so why not include an alien in the mix!

    1. Did not proof read my response. Wish there were an edit button on comments. Realized after it posted that is should be “too cautious”. Apologize to all the grammar police.

  8. We hosted a street performer who was in our city for a theatre festival last summer so I can’t imagine an alien would be much worse.

  9. I would like to but my cat is afraid of everything and everyone. And I will put alien visitors in the category of everyone. I can’t even sneeze around him without making him bolt for the closet….

  10. Would an alien consider a pullout couch to be luxury accommodations?! If so….maybe I would host them for a while!

  11. When we first got married, I actually thought that my husband might be an alien from outer space. He seemed so different from me and clueless in many ways. Now we’ve been together for over 50 years, I can see his acclimated very well. I think he’d like to visit with some other aliens though. So, yes, bring them! We have a couple extra beds!

  12. I would have one as a guest. For sure I could learn from him/her too. I’d paint his portrait for him to bring home.

  13. yes, just to see who they are.
    might be they’re already here but I don’t know it.
    if they like damp they’ll love the basement.

  14. Absolutely! I was an exchange student my senior year in high school in Berlin. I am sure there were times they thought I was an alien!

  15. Sure would. It would be great to share cultures and an absolutely amazing experience if said space alien loved art. Imagine being able to collaborate and share art styles with someone who was truly out of this world? The ultimate art experience. Of course, I’d draw the line quickly if they turned out to be eaters of dogs. I love my pooch way too much to put him at risk of being eaten by a hungry space creature 🙂

  16. Yes, I think it would be so interesting! We had exchange students when my girls were in high school Finland and France and Spain. It was a learning experience for us and them!
    Mary Hillebrand

  17. I would definitely host. Living in an RV I could take them all over the country. I imagine they are small, would not mind the couch. 🙂 I would give them one of my journals that they could draw in for me to keep as a reminder and a new one for them to take back with them. If they can’t use a paintbrush, well a sponge will work! What fun we would have!

  18. I think I could handle that provided they are friendly aliens. We have hosted students from France and Germany, they were somewhat alien before we got to know them.

  19. Sure! I love meeting new people – and they would have stories and experiences from a whole new world to share. Of course, I would get to help them learn about ours too! The thing I would be most excited about is sharing food experiences … Our foods share so much about us.

  20. Yes, indeed I would – as long as they weren’t too big, we live in a very small home!

  21. Sure, I’d love to host an alien student. I sure hope that they would love to learn all about Zentangle and pickleball!

  22. Couldn’t be any different from being with 8th grade earthlings for 27 years! LOL I say, “Come on down1”

  23. Probably not, we run to clutter here and I’d also be afraid they’d view the cats as hors d’oeuvres. After they are better known and we know they both speak our language and understand deeper meanings of culture, then maybe.

  24. I’m sorry but I would have to say;
    Nope, Nada, No!
    I am allergic to alien skin! 🤮

  25. I would like to THINK I’d say YES to hosting and alien student, but the thought of excavating the art studio or spare room . . . they would have zoomed back off planet before I could get that done! 😦

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