Using Up Paint and Practicing Brush Strokes

I had lots of paint left over from my Panther’s Picnic painting and a tutorial that will be posted later this month, so I used it up practicing some brush strokes and doing a quick ‘Window View’ and ‘Loose & Free’ for the Doodlewash Prompts.

(and hey! Be sure to visit Doodlewash on Monday. I have a How to Draw a Rooster tutorial coming up!)

It was mostly blue – a mix of QoR Manganese Blue and Iridescent Pearl that I had left over so I did a bunch of stuff at random, paying more attention to what the brush was doing than what I was drawing.

If you look closely at the sunset you might notice that the blue streaks in the sky were practice strokes of leaves done with a dagger brush. I turned the paper sidewise, added color with a mottler and liner brushes, and – voila. I rather cool sunset, I thought.

Some of the other practices bits done with dagger and oval wash brushes.


  1. The sky in the painting is beautiful. I have a dagger brush but it hasn’t even been wet! Need to play with it.

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