The Green in a Grolier: a mini-Review

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No one makes more beautiful sketchbooks than Paperblanks. The book I’m reviewing here is actually the Guest book version of their Grolier Ornamentali.

But it is the blank page version, the paper is smooth, high-quality and did I mention, the book is … just … gorgeous?

It’s so gorgeous, that I wanted to bring it to your attention, but I don’t plan to do my usual ‘destruction’ testing. As a guest book, the paper is formulated for people to write in with pen. I only intend to use it for pen and colored pencil. I don’t want to do anything to remove from the beauty of the book itself.

So, what is so beautiful about this book? Well, you’ve already seen the gorgeous Grolier Ornamentali cover, which the Paperblanks blurb describes as “marbled binding, enhanced with a thin sprinkling of gold dust and tooling “.

It also has Smythe-sewn binding, and a ridged spine.

But what I’ve been drooling over most is the book-edge printing!

I’ll admit, I’m only so-so about the clasp. It’s nicely made, but can get in the way when you’re drawing.


Series: Grolier Ornamentali
Hardcover: 144 pages
Paper wgt: 120 gsm
Smyth sewn
Satin ribbon marker (grandes have two)
Memento pouch
Custom-designed laid paper
100% recycled binder boards
FSC-certified text paper
Cloth headboards
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Acid-free sustainable forest paper
Decorative printed cover paper

The Grolier Ornamentali is also available in Grande, Ultra, Midi and Mini size Journals.

So what about the paper?

The paper is thin, but sturdy with a surface that pulls the ink off your pen very nicely.

There is enough tooth to make it work well for colored pencil, though I don’t think it would hold up to a great number of layers or heavy burnishing.

Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to work in!

The Ornamentali was based off of a Jean Grolier design.

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20 thoughts on “The Green in a Grolier: a mini-Review

  1. Stunning sketch book, have quiet afew of this company’s., I love collecting over the top blank journals of excelllent quality or they are given as a gift. Only problem is I don’t want to sketch in them, they are to georgous, they are beautifully displayed in my bookcase. You went all out with your art doodle an gorgeous colouring, awesome piece done in a stunning book.
    Is this one on the market for sale.

  2. that book edge printing is beautiful! I’d buy the book just because of that. 🙂 you know I would and probably will. I have several paperblanks books and love them all! your drawing is wonderful! I immediately start looking for animals. that porcupine made me smile – sometimes we have them stroll through our back yard!

    1. Thank you, Wayne! Yeah, that clasp. I’m not sure if all the versions have them, but the paper in the other versions may not be the same. That’s one of the things I don’t like about paperblanks. You never know what the paper will be. It’s usually very good, but not necessarily what you wanted.

  3. I also would probably just look at it, not draw in it. I have a couple of journals that I can’t make myself draw in. They are so pretty..

  4. Hearkens back to another time….when craftsmanship and bookbinding were an art. Just GORGEOUS! and so is you richly colored whimsical drawing…full of hidden creatures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This book is beautiful to look at. I could never do any artwork in it 😊
    Your work is wonderful and fits the book somehow.
    Love the review

  6. Gorgeous book but I would be too intimidated to use it! And your page turned out stunning!

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