The Queen’s Magic

Artwork-Blue Tea, Zebra Pen Technical Pen, PM-701 Permanent Marker and Sarasa Metallic Clip pens in a Hahnemühle Report and Art book

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I’ve been drinking a lot of blue tea lately, so you can expect to see lots of tea-toned paper in blue.

The Hahnemühle Report & Book is one of my favorite sketchbooks. It isn’t formulated for watercolor, but the paper is heavy enough to wet thoroughly and still hold up to pen or whatever else you want to use on it. I did put a piece of plastic acetate underneath to keep the blue tea from staining everything.

This time I just swiped the tea bag across the page for an overall blue tone without letting the bag or the peaflowers sit on the paper to leave shapes.

Nonetheless, the Queen appeared on the page after a bit of study and I doodled on from there with technical pen, permanent marker and metallic brush pens.

Wanna buy some of the cool toys I used?

Hahnemühle Report & Art books (review)

Zensations Technical pens (review)

Zebra PM-701 Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

Zebra Sarasa Clip 1.0, 9 Shiny / Metallic Color Set 

Dried butterfly pea flower tea

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