Closed-Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #20

If you are here for my review of the new Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black watercolor paper, you can find it here.

Open Internationally.

To Enter: Giveaway is over

Answer the question below, at the Life Imitates Doodles blog Giveaway post (answers on Facebook & Instagram don’t count as an entry.

Leave a comment on this post telling me what magical pet you would love to have.

One Winner will receive this Prize Package

  • one Hahnemühle Grey Book
  • one Zebra Zensations 24 pack Mechanical Colored Pencils
  • one cat pen pouch

Thank you to Hahnemühle_USA for the The Grey Book and to ZebraPenUS for the pack of Colored Pencils. The kitty pouch is from me!

This Giveaway Ends Monday, June 17, 2019 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Last week’s winner was:

Melinda Butcher says:June 5, 2019 at 06:19

OOO! Remember that magic carpet from last week? THAT! 

The winner has until Friday June 14 11:59 PM PDT to send mailing information to the email list in the right sidebar. Please put ‘Weekly Wednesday Winner ‘ in the subject line so I’m sure to see your email.

There is a giveaway here each Wednesday. You don’t have to follow my blog to enter, but it will help you to remember to do it!

Want to buy some of this stuff RIGHT now?

The awesome Hahnemühle Grey Book:

Not listed online, you must ask about it

The wonderful Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencils 24Pk

Cat Pencil Pen Bag Pouch 

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Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pens. I'm a self-taught artist who dances about with all sorts of artistic mediums. My main loves are Watercolor, Zentangle and Ballpoint pen. The subjects of my work are many and varied and change at whim. I'm a little bit crazy, but doesn't that come with being an artist? At my Life Imitates Doodles Blog, I post a list of resource links for Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways two times a week. I also write reviews, hold giveaways and share my art work.

53 thoughts on “Closed-Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway #20

  1. A dog because all dogs are magical. I will always remember the dog we had when I was a teenager and how he lifted my spirits when the whole world seemed to be crashing around my shoulders. Definitely a dog and I’ll name her Jupiter.

  2. My magical pet would have all the loving features of my dog but none of the hard parts, such as walking in freezing weather, accidents, barking at trucks.

  3. A magical cat- magical because it would be furry, but allergen free. I love cats, but I’m allergic to them, so this magical cat could purr on my lap, and I’d still be able to breathe!

  4. My magical pet would be one that smells good, doesn’t shed, poop or pee and lives forever.

  5. I would love to have a narwhal! Seems like they would be very sweet! Thank you for another amazing opportunity!

  6. A dragon dog. It’ll be magical as it will have the cherished virtues and skills of a dog plus the abilities of the Dragon to pass through worlds and dimension and very at home in water. It’s most distinct ability is being able to find lost things across time and space.

  7. Being a Harry Potter fan, I would like to have a Hippogriff, so beautiful. It would be a great animal to paint.

  8. Well, I have already had a magical pet. My bunny was already a fantastic creature who brought the magic of happiness in my life when he was with me. So, I wouldn’t find another perfect pet like him. He was unique and even if he isn’t on Earth anymore, I know he is up there running and playing like he used to 🙂

  9. I would love to have a tiny magical dragon that could sit in your hand and blow little puffs of smoke

  10. I want a kitten that stays the same size as when it was born. So soft and cuddly. Be there to comfort me when I need it.

  11. I admit I borrowed this one from my 12 year old granddaughter. When I ask she immediately said a magical Griffin. A legendary creature lion/eagle that flies and guards treasures like my granddaughter!

  12. A Phoenix would be pretty great and it would live my entire lifetime! That would be pretty wonderful.

  13. My beagle/dachshund mix dog would be the magical pet I would want. What’s so magical about her you ask? She would be self cleaning!! She’s a hunter, moles, rabbits, birds. She likes to roll in animal poop to cover her scent 😖🤮🥴

  14. A magical animal would definitely have to be a dragon. Would soar amongst the clouds.

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