Tea With Dumbo- Pencil to Paint Tutorial

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Once again – no pencil, no paint, lol! Today’s tutorial was created with Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea by Teavana, the new j herbin 1798 Kyanite du Népal fountain pen ink and Zebra Pen Metallic & Brush Pens on IndigoArts Mixed Media paper. Pen: Lamy Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Broad Nib 

The Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea was another birthday present. It’s actually solid bits of apple, beet root and coconut- no actual tea involved. It doesn’t list the contents on the bag, but research shows these ingredients – Apple Pieces, Artificial Flavouring, Beet Root Pieces, Cinnamon, Coconut Chips.

I do like the tea, but not enough to buy more at the price. The ingredient that dyes paper is beetroot, so unless you want the tea to drink, I’d just buy beetroot powder.

Do ya see the elephant?

I have empty tea bags that I bought back in my mixed media days – they’re handy for sticking into layouts! I brewed up some tea and drank all but just a bit of it. Most of the color comes from the tea in the bag so you only need enough to keep the bag wet. I had to let it steep overnight to get good color.

The tea bag was rubbed all over the paper, and then I gave it a good squeeze to release liquid and left it lying on the paper. After about 15 minutes I moved it, squeezed it and left it. It did this three or four times.

Immediately an elephant appeared to me.

Was your elephant the same as mine?

I’m working on a review the Kyanite du Népal fountain pen ink and decided to try it out to see how it would work.

For an elephant skin texture, I just scribbled all over, using pattern along the trunk and legs.

I discovered that the paper, which is soft, was clogging my pen. My intention had been to draw patterns in the background, but I decided to switch to a brush.

My elephant looked rather alarmed, so I added something to cause it.

What a lovely blue the new Kyanite du Népal is! However, it has a silver sheen that didn’t show up on this paper and over the tea. So much for that experiment.

I thought about picking out more shapes, but for some reason, I wanted the background to resemble a rug. Maybe it was that flying rug question a couple of giveaways ago.

I used Zebra Pen Metallic brush pen to add swirls and dots all around and called it done!

Wanna buy some of these cool toys now?

Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea by Teavana

Indigo Art Mixed Media paper

j herbin 1798 kyanite du népal

Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pens

Lamy Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Broad Nib 

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11 thoughts on “Tea With Dumbo- Pencil to Paint Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial, Sandra! I love beets, myself, so, I’ll try it with the juice. The Beet goes on! 😀

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