Cat Dreams in Blue Tea – Pencil to Paint

Artwork-Blue Tea, Zebra Pen Technical Pen and Qor Phthalo Blue watercolor on Hahnemühle Cézanne Cold Pressed Watercolor paper

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I hadn’t intended for this to be a Pencil To Paint, but it just ended up that way. Since I’m repeating steps from one I did last month, I’m making it a Monday special instead the usual Tuesday. Tomorrow’s Pencil To Paint is one I did using a red tea!

I started by using Butterfly Peaflower tea for the back ground, squeezing tea from the dried, steeped flowers and moving them around the page.

When the peaflowers were removed and the tea dried, I had this result.

Then I picked out all sorts of shapes with a technical pen.

I left it at that for the previous tutorial, but it felt unfinished to me. I decided to do a negative painting. I often do this because I see a shape or because I don’t like something and want to save it.

This time I just wanted to do a negative painting, lol. I decided to do a cat using Qor Phthalo Blue to paint around the shape of a cat.

You can still see all the shapes I drew, but now there is a subject to give them meaning. What DO cats dream of? Whatever they want to, thank you very much. Lol!

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Dried butterfly pea flower tea

Qor Phthalo Blue Watercolor

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21 thoughts on “Cat Dreams in Blue Tea – Pencil to Paint

  1. Oh Sandra! I’m missing the shape of the cat but I don’t care because I don’t need it. Your subject line and wonderful drawing says it all. It IS a cat’s dream! I love your technique and most of all I adore this wonderful piece in its entirety!

  2. This painting is so much fun and is a clever manifestation of your ingenuity! The teaflowers made a beautiful color, but how did the cat become lavender?
    I cooked some multicolored carrots in a bit of water. Just after pouring the deep cranberry water down the drain, realized I could have dipped paper in it or painted with the water using a wash brush. A missed opportunity but I’m going to cook carrots again and take advantage of the beautiful water. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandra.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! There are a lot of natural dyes in the kitchen. Beets, saffron, turmeric and I’m sure many I don’t know. The peaflower blue changes when you add things, such as lemon, but I think the change in the cat’s color is an optic-illusion. Phthalo Blue has a lot more green in it compared to the blue from the tea, so the red is more apparent.

      1. That’s interesting. I’ve ordered peaflower tea. Such a gorgeous color. Onion skins make a range of brown shades. In the 60’s, we used it to dye tee shirts, and I had a friend who dyed the fabric for her wedding dress before sewing it. Beautiful results.

  3. I was reading this blog j6st now but thought I already did and thought I already commented.
    In any case I think this tea is delightful and the kitty is cute.
    You found so many wonderful shapes too.
    The color is fantastic

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