Blue Moon Kitty

If you are here for Life Imitates Doodles giveaway #18, you can find it here. My Chipmunk-Pencil to Paint tutorial can be found here.

Today, my hubby took an unhappy kitty in his lunchbag.

Doodlewash prompt: Blue Moon

Poor kitty left out, blue from cold and feeling blue.

Artwork-Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pen in Hahnemühle black book

Wanna buy some of these cool toys now?

Hahnemühle Black book – Rochester Art Supply FineArtStore 

Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pens

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Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pens. I'm a self-taught artist who dances about with all sorts of artistic mediums. My main loves are Watercolor, Zentangle and Ballpoint pen. The subjects of my work are many and varied and change at whim. I'm a little bit crazy, but doesn't that come with being an artist? At my Life Imitates Doodles Blog, I post a list of resource links for Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways two times a week. I also write reviews, hold giveaways and share my art work.

6 thoughts on “Blue Moon Kitty

  1. Very effective use of the metallic brush pens on black background. Perfect little spots of black left untouched – hard to teach a beginner not to fill in every single spot. Of course, you’re not a beginner and this is one of the places where your expertise shows. Wonder what’s scaring this kitty?

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