Metallic Red Tape

Artwork- Zebra Metallic Brush Pen in a Hahnemühle Black Book. Reference photo courtesy of REDioACTIVE on Pixabay.

If you are here for Life Imitates Doodles giveaway #18, you can find it here. My Chipmunk-Pencil to Paint tutorial can be found here.

Doodlewash prompt Red Tape.

I know – the metallic red looks more pink than red, but I’ve discovered these black paper drawings are sooooo quick and I was in a hurry, so pinky metallic red tape it is!   

Hahnemühle Black book – Rochester Art Supply FineArtStore 

Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pens


    1. Thank you, Alice! I would love to see an actual metallic red. Most artist pigments are developed for the automobile and cosmetic industry, and then just adapted for oil, acrylic, ink and watercolor. I know that there are metallic bright red cars, so it seems like there should be some available.

  1. Love this! And the fact that it looks pink is fine with me, since that’s my favorite color! Thanks for all you share here, I learn more every day with people like you that share their discoveries.

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