Snow White Silky Chicken

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen and Daniel Smith watercolor on a Hahnemühle Cold Pressed Watercolor Postcard. Brushes: Princeton Neptune Quill size 4 and Velvetouch Round Size 8. Photo courtesy of Axe77 on Pixabay.

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Today, my hubby took a Silky Chicken in his lunchbag.

The Doodlewash prompt for today is Snow White. The silky chicken is definitely snow white. They don’t just look unusual – they are. Besides the fine fluffy feathers they have black skin, black bones and blue earlobes. I truly have to wonder if they aren’t space aliens in disguise!

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  1. oh my word! this is the cutest thing ever!!! kali used to have to work the 4-H exhibit at the county fair in Florida and they had all kinds of crazy looking chickens and birds. never saw one quite like this one. it’s amazing!

  2. I think one of the most difficult textures to render is silky. Most of it is wisp and suggestion. Nearly every media can overwork it and most artists do. But you managed masterfully – lovely little silky chick.

  3. Do they lay golden eggs? Your’s looks like it does. In which case, I wouldn’t be making alien space fun at it!! LOLOLOL Love it, truly! ❤️

  4. Great Chicken Painting! of course you know my love affair with chickens! 🙂 Great looking feathers on this Silky! Working with white is such a challenge! Did you know the Gresham Farmers Market has a sweet Silkie Rooster on a leash in one of the stalls? He’s the favorite attraction! 😉

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