Baby Blues – Pencil to Paint

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Doodlewash prompt ‘Baby Blues’.

Pencil to Paint is a bit misleading for today’s mini-tutorial because I didn’t use either pencil or paint, lol.

Using tea or coffee to stain your paper is well-known technique for achieving gorgeous golden browns but now we have butterfly pea flower tea, which turns a beautiful blue.

I decided to see what kind of effect I could get from this tea. A little research showed that it is used as a natural food and clothing dye, so I thought it should be great for paper, too.

Once my tea had steeped for about 8 minutes (going from a clear light blue to midnight blue) I put the wet flowers onto my paper and pushed it around with a cheap brush. Gotta say – I love the color!

I kept squeezing the flowers to release more tea, and I discovered that I achieved a lovely indigo color. However, I found that in some lights it looks almost violet.

Is there a drawback to using this tea? Um. Yeah. Remember I said it was used for a clothing dye? Well, the color bleed right through the paper and onto the photo backdrop I use for my videos. Waaaah! I haven’t been able to get it out. So don’t wear your party clothes or use it around your good furniture! That probably goes for drinking it too, if you are the klutz I am.

I decided to try the tea on a more absorbent paper. The flowers from the tea were still wet (hours later!) and still had lots of color, so I used the same flowers on IndigoArts Hot Pressed mixed media paper.

I saw what looked like an eye, and immediately saw the drawing for today’s prompt.


Isn’t he the cutest little baby? Not! Thunderbird is serious business right out of the egg!

Artwork-Blue Tea and Zebra PM-701 on IndigoArts Hot Pressed Watercolor paper

On the Cézanne piece, where I’d left the pea flowers on for much longer, there were all sorts of shapes from the outline of the flowers. I’ve been working in Charlie O’Shields Sketching Stuff Activity book, and I decided that I’d use the outline shapes and just draw separate little images (lots of birds in there!). It’s rather busy, but was great fun. I may or may not paint over this are some point and create something else entirely.

Artwork-Blue Tea and Zebra Pen Technical Pen on Hahnemühle Cézanne Cold Pressed Watercolor paper

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Indigo Art Mixed Media paper

Zebra PM-701 Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

Dried butterfly pea flower tea

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16 thoughts on “Baby Blues – Pencil to Paint

  1. Now this is right up my alley it is blue, it is free (after you buy the tea which might be delicious) and it is different. I have been experimenting with plain old food coloring and I like it also found a recipe for home made gesso which I am enjoying. Fun stuff!

  2. Now I am wondering about the flowers in my yard and even some grass. Might be interesting!

  3. Neat info about the tea. Love the colour. Hmmmm might be great for dyeing cloth, too, and thread (I’m also an embroiderer). As always, your art is so much fun!

  4. Wow happy birthday sandra and you sure are amazingly creative.
    Its amazing how the. Shapes just pop out to you. I think it takes creativity, experience and talent to create like this.
    Its beautiful and fantastic

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