Closed-Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway 15

Open Internationally.


Answer the question below, at the Life Imitates Doodles blog Giveaway post (answers on Facebook & Instagram don’t count as an entry.)

Leave a comment on this post telling me what artist you would love to have a picnic with (can be living or dead, famous or a personal hero).

One Winner will receive this Prize Package

  • one Hahnemühle Cappucchino Book
  • one 24-pk of Zebra Zensations Mechanical Colored Pencil
  • one 3-pk of Zebra Zensations Technical Pens
  • one copy of the Sketching Stuff Activity Book by Charlie O’Shields

This Giveaway Ends Monday, May 13, 2019 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Last week’s winner was

Melody says: May 1, 2019 at 06:42

Maybe in a dream but when I wake up I want my feet o our earth.

The winner has until Friday, May 10, 2019 11:59 PDT to send mailing information to the email listed in on the right sidebar.

There is a giveaway here each Wednesday. You don’t have to follow my blog to enter, but it will help you to remember to do it!

Thank you to Hahnemühle_USA for the Cappuccino Book and to ZebraPenUS for the 24 pack of colored pencils. The technical pens and Sketching Stuff Activity Book are from me!

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Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pens. I'm a self-taught artist who dances about with all sorts of artistic mediums. My main loves are Watercolor, Zentangle and Ballpoint pen. The subjects of my work are many and varied and change at whim. I'm a little bit crazy, but doesn't that come with being an artist? At my Life Imitates Doodles Blog, I post a list of resource links for Tangles, Tutorials and Giveaways two times a week. I also write reviews, hold giveaways and share my art work.

83 thoughts on “Closed-Life Imitates Doodles Weekly Wednesday Giveaway 15

  1. The first one to come to mind is Monet because I want a personal tour of his gardens.

  2. What a fabulous prize – I’ve had that book on my wishlist at Amazon since it came out! I would love to spend some time with Leonardo da Vinci (of course, I would need a translator!).

  3. Oh, there are so many artists I’d like to share a picnic with, but, I’ll choose Vincent van Gogh, and I think we’d have our picnic under the stars. Wonderful giveaway!

  4. Georgia O’Keefe! her artwork is breathtaking and I find her life story fascinating.

  5. If I had 2 choose an artist 2 have a picnic w/, it’d be Tupac Shakur. He wrote poetry from his heart & soul. I have a couple of his poem books.

  6. Tough question. There are so many amazing artists with amazing interesting lives. I think I’d pick Maurits Cornelis Escher. His work constantly inspires me.

  7. Frida Kahlo, A’s she was an amazing woman who created art in quite an amazing way

  8. Oh, my gosh! I think it would be so cool to have a picnic with Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keene. Maybe both! I’m sure they’d get along.

  9. I’d go with an oldie…daVinci because of his sketches of inventions. I love pen and ink drawings and his are beyond belief.

  10. Jackson pollock or Friday kahlo would be very cool. there both very different but inspire me all the same in many ways 🌺

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! I am so interested in Charlie’s book! I would have a picnic with Hazel Soan and I hope we would do some painting together. She seems so vibrant and interesting!

  12. Well a all time favorite of mine would be van gogh and
    What a wonderful time it would be to sit with him and listen awhile.

  13. I would love to have a picnic with Vincent Vangoghe, because he drew the way I draw today.

  14. My choice would be Georgia O’Keffee, she drew inspiration from the natural world. Her colors are bold and vibrant. She once said in a interview “be yourself “ in your art. It would be a wonder to chat and especially listen to her.

  15. So many, it’s hard to pick one. Da Vinci was the first that popped into my head tho.

  16. Georgia Dunn of Breaking Cat News comics – she seems like someone who’d be fun to hang out with and have a ice chat.

  17. It’s hard to choice who is my first choice so both fascinating artists are. Morgana Wallace an Canadian Artist in Nanaimo, B.C. is a collage artist but in a unique designs an techniques .Draws with a knife instead of a pencil, use of paper to create whimsical spiritual illustrations. An then I have Kirsten Sevig , a wonderful American watercolour artist who designs small illustrations drawing, with a soft palette. Both women are very inspiring through their creativity.

  18. It is a hard decision – I would love a group picnic!! But I think, based on my current leanings, I would love to picnic with Yellena James.

  19. Leonardo DaVinci. What a mind! can I get to go back to his era for lunch or does he come here?!

  20. I’d love to have a picnic with the “great” Leonardo da Vinci. He is a very bright person and can do any profession. 👑

  21. Such a challenge to select only one! My current crush is on Yayoi Kusama – her infinity rooms are incredible.

  22. I have so many favorites that span so many styles but Charles Shultz would be awesome. We could discuss all his wonderful characters.

  23. I’m taking an anthropology course and would love to sit down with one of the cave art painters and ask them the meaning behind their art. What was it for, why this cave, what does it mean to you? Fascinated to understand more.

  24. Well, it would be one ginormous picnic because I could never choose just one…Charlie, you, Monet, VanGogh, Kadinksky, all my Doodlewash friends, all the workshop instructors from Sketchbook Revival….. and the list goes on and on. WOW that would be one wonderful picnic!

  25. I’d love to have a picnic with one of my favorite watercolor artists, Victoria Gedvillas! She’s really amazing and just listening to her vlog always makes my day.

  26. If I could, I would have a picnic with Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. I would ask Leonardo to teach me how to achieve realism in my portraits and I would ask Michelangelo to teach me how to sculpt. 🙂

  27. Charlie, I want to have a picnic with you. It will include Chicken Salad Sammies and then move onto a slice of Key Lime Bundt Cake served with fresh, ripe hood Strawberries. I will mix you a Cherry Lime Rickey for a refreshing drink too. What else would you like?

  28. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a picnic with Karen Campbell from Awesome Art School? Or, maybe Jane Davenport. I prefer people who enjoy art for fun rather than serious or famous ones, I suppose.

  29. I would have a pic nic with my grandmother. She painted when I was very young. I would love to see these art pieces again and to chat with her about them now that I have discovered sketching and painting.

  30. So, this is probably going to sound silly, but YOU!! We could doodle over lunch. Something simple like what we are eating. 😀 Maybe an antipasto platter! Those old dead artists are too dusty for me. I like living artists who are down to earth. 😀

  31. Actually, I would love to have a picnic with Charlie O’Shields and Angela Fehr. It would be such fun, I bet it wouldn’t take much to get us all painting while we enjoy our picnic.

    Awww now I want to go on a painting picnic!

  32. Vincent van Gogh. I’d ask how he selects his colors, and I’d like to see his color palette.

  33. I would love a picnic with Bob Ross to point out the happy little trees. I would also love to have a picnic with Gerard Way though he is more known as a singer.

  34. I’d love to picnic with my recent favorite artist Heikala from Finnland. Her art inspired me to start watercolors and gave me a welcome distraction during a really tough time. She’d be really chill to have a picnic with and talk about inspiration!

  35. I’d love to sit on a sunny afternoon and have a picnic with John Lennon and just listen to him talk about his life what was and what it could have been.

  36. I would enjoy a picnic lunch with Peter Bruegel the Elder, a Flemish painter that had so much activity going on in all of his paintings. There are so many details in his paintings, it’s fun to almost feel the action that’s happening!

  37. I’d love to picnic with Van Gogh and watch him paint while I nosh on a crudite…

  38. I’d love to have a picnic and a cuppa with Eni Oken. I’ve been a student of Eni’s for a while, a fan even longer, so I’d love the opportunity to sit down and pour over her body of work 💛

  39. Oooh that’s difficult. I just encountered a great painter in the Netherlands: Evert Thielen. One painting intrigued me so much I wanted to sit in front of it for hours. It’s called De nieuwe Ordening: a beautiful lady placed in the center of the big round hall of the Altes Museum of Berlijn. He painted so many details that is was even sharper than a picture!

  40. Lunch with Leonora Carrington would be incredibly memorable! I’d hope not to have a human-hair omelette…

  41. I love Tasha Tudor’s illustrations from the 1940s and would have loved having tea with her on her side porch overlooking her garden.

  42. Leonardo da Vinci only because there is so much controversy surrounding him. I would love to have some answers.

  43. One of my dearest friends, who is also a published artist, Christine Von Lossberg. She moved to Idaho from So. California
    so, while she is closer to me in Oregon, I miss her and really want to see her.

  44. I’d go for Leonardo as well, having a chat and a look at his sketchbooks, possibly in Italy with a basket full of yummy Italian food.

  45. Hmmmm…. I would like to picnic with Hildegard von Bingen, 12th century, known for music compositions, also artist and naturalist.

  46. Vincent Van Gogh or Monet. I’d like to ask Van Gogh why he cut off his ear…

  47. I’d like to visit Vincent Van Gogh, and get to know the real man, not the diverse opinions and conjectures.

  48. The artist I would love to have a picnic with is Claude Monet. And I hope this picnic would be in his gardens in Giverny.

  49. I’m going to go with Norman Rockwell I think he would be very personable and easy to talk to with a good sense of humor. He really knew how to bring his caricatures to life.

  50. Christo, because he conceptualized his gigantic installations before there were drones – he used the earth as his canvas.

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