Silver Screen

The Doodlewash prompt for today is Silver Screen. Of course, that phrase refers to movies, but my mind immediately went to a window screen. and that’s what I went with.

I did this while waiting at the Doctor’s office with my mother, something I do quite often. I’ve taken to carrying a tin of Hahnemühle YouTangle Tiles in my purse. They’re small enough to carry and the tin keeps the paper pristine.

Almost any pen or marker works on these tiles, but I love the color and texture I get with the new Zebra Pen Metallic and Color brushes.

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen, Metallic Brush pen and Color Brush pen on a Hahnemühle YouTangle tile.

Wanna buy some of these cool toys now?

The awesome Hahnemühle YouTangle Tiles (review).

The wonderful Zebra Pen Metallic Brush Pens

The wonderful Zebra Pen Funwari Brush Pen Single Ended Super Fine

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