Koala Bear – Pencil to Paint

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Today, my hubby took a Koala Bear in his lunchbag. The Koala Bear eats about 2.5 lbs of eucalyptus leaves a day, and cannot each anything else. They even smell of eucalyptus because of their diet.

Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & Qor Watercolor on Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard. Brushes: Princeton Neptune Quill Size 4 & Neptune Round Size 8.


Graphite smears and can contaminate some colors. If you erase it, it can cause damage to the paper. That’s why I usually try to keep my pencil drawing to a minimum. I was half-way watching TV while drawing this, and sort kept going because I wasn’t paying attention, lol.

My pencil drawing is used to establish size and scale- to make sure the main object fits the space and establish how far apart different body parts are. I usually place where items of importance (likes eyes & noses) should go.

NOTE: I draw lightly. However, I punch up contrast on the scan, so it will show on your screen. You don’t want to draw this dark.


Again, I did more drawing than I really needed because I wasn’t paying close attention.

I like to use paint for the darkest areas, but I show where those will be, as well as shading the mid-tone areas. I’m establishing three things at this stage – the outline of detail, where the shadows fall, and the direction & texture of fur.

Obviously, there is overlap between these three things. I decide what I think is most important for each area where there is overlap. Less is more (usually), so I try not to get carried away with detail.

After watching Charlie O’Shields session of the Sketchbook Revival workshop (free)

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7 thoughts on “Koala Bear – Pencil to Paint

  1. One of my favs, the Koala bear. Always wanted to go see them in Australia!
    Thanks Sandra!

    1. You would be most welcome, we are spoilt for choice here. I started feeding a pair of lorikeets about 18 months ago now we have 2 flocks of about 100 birds to feed twice a day. Kangaroos and wallabies hopping the fence. A lizard that likes to eat lorikeet food! As we live next to a wild life park there are Koalas, sugar gliders etc. and of course cockatoos and Kookaburra. It’s like a drop in shelter.
      It was lovely when our 3 year old grand daughter turned to me while gramps was getting the food ready “it looks just like a Christmas tree everyday” and in my mind when they come down they look magnificent like confetti fluttering in the wind. My husband is a photographer (hobby but a very good one) and if you ever need reference photos just message and let me know what you want.
      Kind regards L.

      1. Yikes!
        From an evolutionary perspective it’s amazing that they have survived as a species.
        Thanks sharing that knowledge. I’m more curious about them & now I’ll have to read up on them.

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