ZigZagging the Birthday & Easter Cards

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Artwork – Masking fluid, Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & Ecoline Watercolor Brush pen in a Hahnemühle 2 x 2 in Zigzag Book.

I always try to come up with new ideas for cards to give my mother at the holidays. She doesn’t have much room, but she enjoys unusual cards. I also had a friend’s birthday on Saturday for which I wanted to do something unusual.

Enter the new Hahnemühle ZigZag book in the 2 x 2 inch size. While this isn’t a practical size for a lot of things, it’s a wonderful size for something quick but engaging. I happened to have two so they were obviously meant to be used for my cards.

The paper in these books handles masking fluid so well, so I used it to do the initial drawings.

Then I used Ecoline watercolor brush pens and once the color dried, I removed the masking fluid.

And lastly, I outlined everything with the Zebra Zensations technical pen.

I repeated this process for Mom’s Easter card.

For both, I just thought about some of things that might happen on the day …

… and used that to decide what to draw on each page.


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