Burro VS Donkey

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Today, my hubby took a donkey in his lunchbag. Or was it a burro?

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pen on Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard.

Burro is simply the Spanish word for donkey, so essentially they are the same thing. However, some people do use ‘burro’ to refer to those descended from donkeys brought to the Americas in the 1500s, and ‘donkey’ for those brought directly from Europe after that.

What about a jackass? The scientific name for the donkey/burro is Equus
Asinus, which over time led to the name ass. Jack is the term for a male donkey or ‘jackass’.


  1. Bueno Senora Sandra!!! I think he’s either braying or praying, my guess is they are one in the same!….such a wonderfully animated pose!

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