Today, my hubby took a unicorn in his lunchbag.

Sorry for the double post – but I realized I’d messed up on my dates, and had to get my Unicorn out for Unicorn day, didn’t I?

Artwork-Zebra Zensations Technical Pen & xxx Watercolor on Hahnemühle Cold Press Watercolor Postcard. Brush: Escoda Aquario Petit Gris 12

The Doodlewash prompt for April 9 was Unicorn, which fit nicely with the theme of mythological monsters I’ve been doing lately. We are most familiar with the medieval version of the unicorn – a pure white and elegant horse.

But the myth of the unicorn is widespread through-out history and descriptions vary. He comes in red, white and black. He’s horse-like, goat-like, wild ass-like or a mix of animals, having the ‘head of the stag, the feet of the elephant, and the tail of the boar, while the rest of the body is like that of the horse.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the lion’s tail, the wavy mane and the Kleidsdale (sp?) feet on this beast. This would be an amazing poster on someone’s wall! You really hit the jackpot with this one, Sandra Strait!

  2. Your Unicorn is awesome and yes they must be real. If not here on Earth, maybe in an other realm. I love them.

  3. Thanks for all the beautiful work you post on flickr Sandra. I know unicorns exist because I have a photograph of one on my flickr feed. It is from a beautiful French Medieval tapestry.

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