Cactus Cat

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Today, my hubby took a Cactus Cat in his lunchbag.

I had meant to paint the Cactus Cat on one of my Hahnemühle watercolor postcards, but the strangest thing happened.

I added color to a page of my a Report & Art book, then sprayed it with water and added salt. Once it all dried, I went looking for shapes and guess who was there … yep. It was that darned old Cactus Cat! Proof. Proof that they exist, lol.

The Cactus Cat is found in the American Southwest. Bobcat-like, he has spiny, spiked fur and a tail that branches like a cactus. He’s feisty, but not too aggressive. He is however, annoying. He causes the saguaros to ferment, drinks the juice, and screeches drunkenly all night long!

Artwork-Cactus Cat-Ecoline Watercolor Brushpen, PM-701, Zensations Technical Pen, Uniball White Signo pen in a Hahnemühle Report & Art book.


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