On a Meadow Sitting

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The master whose work we were to use for this swap was Georges Seurat, the artist who developed Pointilism, one of my favorite styles. I kinda, sorta, didn’t actually cheat when I did my ATCs. See, no one ever said that you had to paint your dots on a white background. So I colored a solid background in the main color for the painting and then did my dots. It worked pretty well, too.

I did all of these with-Pitt Brush Pen and Elmer’s White Acrylic Pen on Illustration board. By now, you probably think this was my main method of doing ATCs. It was the one I used both, but honestly I did sooooo many ATCS that the ones on illustration board were just a fraction. The Pitt Brush pens were my most used medium, along with the Elmer’s White Acrylic pen. I kind of mushed the two together to create texture and more pastel colors than you got with just the Pitt pens.

The art above: In a Meadow Sitting Farmer Girl

Landscape with a Horse

Horse in a Field

Cows in a Field


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