ATCs – Caillebotte Style

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I seem to be in a perpetual state of catching up with my art lately, so for the new week or so, I’m going to share ATCs that I did for swaps back in 2009. You wouldn’t believe how many ATCs I cranked out that year. Or maybe you would, if you know me. I am nothing if not obsessive!

The Caillebotte swap was one in a series of ATCs where we were challenged to either copy the works of, or do our own work in the style of one of the masters. I had never hears of Caillebotte at that time, but I quite enjoyed doing these.

All of these were done with Pitt Brush Pens and Elmer’s White Acrylic pen on illustration board.

Artwork above:

A Man and His Dog Caillebotte style – For this one, I copied one of Caillebotte’s works, but I gave the man a long coat and weird glasses, ala The Matrix. I don’t remember why I did this, and possibly there was no reason, lol.

Chrysanthemums Garden – This was more or less a copy.

Sailboats in Argenteuil – more or less a copy. The purpose behind these Masters swaps (other than to make ATCs to trade) was to learn and I believe Caillebotte taught me quite a bit about color and composition, even though I was using different mediums.

The Canoes – I remember quite clearly, Hubby was watching a B movie horror show about a giant python and I really considered adding one to this. As you can see I didn’t, and I pat myself on the back for showing restraint, lol.

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7 thoughts on “ATCs – Caillebotte Style

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. The Pitt brush pens are fiber ones, small nibbed with just a little flex, and they use India Ink, so they are a little different from most of the brush pens out there. I don’t use them too much this days because my interest has shifted to different mediums, but they are fantastic pens.

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